mpc-HC keeps freezing with fast forward

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im on win 7 ultimate and when im watching a video and i fast forward or whatever it freezes and a window pops up and says (media player classic ran into a problem and needs to close)
Is this a common problem with the HM version because i never had this problem with the normal mpc reply


I have the same problem but only when playing MP4 video on MPC-HC (latest v. 1.5.XXX). Did not have this problem before with the old MPC. If I remux the MP4 video into MKV format or TS format, everything works perfectly fine. So the problem seems to be between MPC-HC and the MP4 format itself. reply


Never used to have this problem either, looks like we all need to rollback to an older version until it gets fixed. reply


Same here. Not all mp4s either, but most.

Conversion to mkv seems to sort it, but it is a pain.

I’m on reply



I know I’m a few years late but I ran into the same issue just now and on searching, I didn’t find any answers that really solved my problem. So I tried changing a few things in settings and happened to solve the issue all by myself. And I hope this answer helps other people who come looking for solutions here.

So see if this is the same case with you. Check if the button you are using for forwarding the video (in my case it is right arrow) has somehow been assigned to the `frame-step` option. You can check this in *Keys* section in *Options*. I just cleared that `frame-step`'s field and it worked without any glitch after that. reply

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