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I transfer avi movies to muy usb thumb drive and plug them into my divx dvd player to watch. Ive just recently got some avi movies that for some reason wont play. it acknowledges them in the menu screen but I hit play and it goes black for a sec and returns to the menu screen
Does anyone know why this is reply

First take a look at the manual for your player. It will list what it can play (like AVI files with the DivX or Xvid codec, MP4 or MOV files encoded in mp4v, MPEG-1 files, or whatever else is listed).
Then check the AVI file with GSpot (http://www.headbands.com/gspot). Check that the fourcc is something your player can handle. That’s the preliminary stuff.
The next thing to know is not all DivX AVI files are created equal. On a PC, you have a software decoder running on a general-purpose CPU, so you can throw just about anything at it. Not so on hardware players. They have limitations, that’s why you have levels and profiles. They specify what the hardware device can handle (bitrate, resolution, etc...). In particular some of the less often implemented features in hardware players are global motion compensation (GMC) and quarter pixel (QPEL), so for example if you have a player that can’t handle those two, but the video was encoded with those parameters enabled, the player won’t be able to play it.
Here are some such parameters listed in the xvid encoder:
For more info about the file, try MPEG4 Modifier from moitah.net. It requires .net framework 2.0 on your system. Click browse to open your AVI files, then click on video info. MPEG4 modifier looks something like this
http://www.headbands.com/gspot/v26x/avi_d_frame/images/mpeg-4-mod.png reply


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