A problem with Vista Movie Maker on Windows 7?

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Recently I downloaded the vista wmm onto my windows 7 and it really hasn’t been working well. The problem is that when I split the video into really small pieces, add effects, etc, the whole video in itself slows down. When I play it in wmm, it comes up all choppy, and the clips and music aren’t in sync, and some clips don’t even show up because they’re small.
When I save the video though, and play it on Windows Media Player, it plays fine. Everything is in sync. But the thing is that I can’t really view the video properly while I’m making it, so it’s really annoying.

I’m able to make videos, yeah, except it’s really bothering me and I just want to see if anyone knows how I can solve this problem. Someone help please? reply

Sorry, but I can’t offer any help . I could not find any movie maker program on my new laptop with windows seven which I thought was a bit lousy of Microsoft. Is this why you are loading the vista moviemaker? reply


Well, it could be one of a few issues.

A) The fact that you’re running Vista’s movie maker on Win7.
B) You may not have enough RAM available (To keep it running smooth)
C) The fact that Windows Movie Maker is sub-par to most editing programs for video/audio.

Another thing....When clips are small they do show. Their length is what concerns me. A few seconds isn’t enough, so it may appear like a quick second or two, but the clip is there.

Sony has a good video editor, and one of the versions (director) is rather cheap.

Another thing about RAM and video/audio syncing. It could simply be that you’re not using a dedicated video card to run the editor. So, it lags behind.

If you’re on a laptop, it proves my point alone. Desktops are better suited for this and gaming than a laptop is. reply


I found that you can get a free download of windows movie maker for windows 7 . I think it was in the Microsoft site download.live.com/photogallery. Beats me why they don’t make it a bit more obvious . I think the founded by doing a search for moviemaker on the windows seven help site. It is pretty basic . reply


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