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hi, i have many movie files , in avi format, just download from torrents, and i want them to watch witn my friends in TV, my DVD player has a usb slot , mp3, jpg images are working , and also converted to mpg files (to be burn) are also working, it said to the manual, that it can play an Divx and mp4 format , without any versions indicated... can somebody watch avi files through there usb in DVD player???

i want the exact codec,

before i used total video converter,

and some converted to DivX are playing but more are not.....

can someone give me any way to play a small sized video files in my DVD player via USB?

thanks reply


Format the USB device to Fat32.

When the format completes place the video files on to the device and insert the device in to the USB slot of the DVD player. reply

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its already in fat32 and it is already readable ......
but the problem is i dont get the right avi for my DVD player, only mpeg and mp3 for music are playing and also JPEG images......... reply


Is the .avi using a DivX or Xvid codec?

If not that may be your problem.

You player may only support them. reply



I’m not too knowledgeable about the playback via USB. Your description isn’t too clear either. (I’m guessing it’s like a direct cable connection to your PC? or are you talking about a USB pen drive or something?)

reyj wrote:
and some converted to DivX are playing but more are not.....

Well when you encode in DivX (or any other codec for that matter) there’s a zillion choices: bitrate, frame rate, resolution, etc... Playback on a computer’s not a problem because they use a software codec with a general-purpose processor, so they should be able to handle just about any combination of settings. Not so with hardware devices (standalone DVD players, portable ones, etc.) That’s why they have DivX certification levels, based on levels and profiles. These specifications state what settings the hardware player can or cannot handle. If you use the DivX 5 or 6 codec to encode, there should be an advanced button that lets you pick the certification profile (I don’t remember them all - one is like “home theater” another is like “portable” etc.) It’s also handy to look in the user manual to see what your standalone player can handle.
Also check your user manual to see if the player can handle various flavors of MPEG-4 (DivX, Xvid, MP4, others) before feeding it one such file. Also a diagnostic utility like gspot or avicodec can give you information about the file you download (container, video codec fourcc, audio codec tag number, bitrate, resolution, etc.) reply


i dont know how to help u wiv what all above are saying.. BUT.. i do know if u have a dvd burner i knoe specific software that you can use to 'convert' your avi files to dvd format..

The software is called ''convertxtodvd'' and it will convert ANY movie file to the correct format..

you can download it from 'http://www.vso-software.fr/products/convert_x_to_dvd/'

hope this is any help to u :) ]

matty reply


Use the Ashampoo Movie Shrink & Burn 2. That’s the best program for converting any files to divx format... I’m 100% sure that will fix your problem. The program is simple and great, you don’t have to put any settings... juts final size of the video... reply



hey i got the same problem with my dvd player i dnt kno the correct format for the video files can someone help plzz reply


My DVD player plays DivX/Xvids just fine but the show I download and watch weekly has just switched to a new codec H.264 in which I had to download VLC player to just play it back on my computer, I havnt tried to play the files using the new codec on my DVD player yet but I’m sure that my DVD player wont support it so I’m wondering because I’ve heard about being able to upgrade firmware of DVD units and possibly put new codecs on it, so if anyone knows anything on it on how I could add new codecs to my DVD player then please do tell. I suppose I could just convert the H.264 files into DivX but upgrading my firmware of my DVD player sounds more fun ;) any help or info will be much appreciated guys ^^ reply


How i can play .avi files trought the DVD player usb interface ?

is there any one can help me pls

mail @ nerddeepak@gmail.com

Thanking you.,
Deepak. reply


which file is best to convert to when burning a torrent avi file to dvd,my convertor program has all different kindz of mpeg files to convert to for example
mpeg custom 1,custom 2,vcd mpeg1,svcd mpeg,divx-avi,xvid-avi and so on,when i burn them they all have different outcomes,like sound but not very clear,or very clear but no sound
can any1 help please
JaySubramani@hotmail.co.uk reply


iam using win avi 3gp converter to transfer dvd to sqeeuze the mb to about 699.mb and it worked to wvm and then i use my main program divx converter to transfer to divx and then i copy the movie to a blank 700mb disk and then i pop it into my dvd player and BAM i have a movie it was time consuming but i manage to put a movie on a cd disk and the movie has exceellent viedo feed and ac3 sound very loud reply


When I burn digital copies and try to play them on my regular DVD player or my Playstation 2 it says disc error or disc may not have playback feature. What can I do to fix this so that the DVDs I burn will play on both machines. reply



i have a blueray copy of a movie
i converted it to avi cause it was mp4
my dvd player could not play, it said no codec.
but i have converted mp4 to avi in the past and it worked.
need help thx reply


Latest DVD player inbuilt with hardware Decoder and Encoder Xvid and DivX with USB support... U purchase a Branded Latest Feature DVD Player for Playing .AVI format Movie. Some of Latest Movie Download which have some problem to run on Branded DVD Player. Which Needed More Advance Encoder and Decoder. reply


k lets say i have a dvd player with usb connector, i hav a movie which is in avi format. which format shud i select to convert the avi file so tat it reads from the usb??? now i’ve tried with AnyVideoConverter to mpeg1,mpeg2,dvd ntsc, dvd pal and none of them read via USB. any suggestions??? reply


You have to convert it to mpeg4 reply


hello,,i am a software engineer,,so i have a knowledge about this things.first what u need to do is to format your usb and put the songs or anything in the format divx.then format your usb again and then u need to put the same things that u had put bfore formatting,it will definitel play if u follow this methods!its only the conversion of some basic problems that binary numbers on circuit or chip doesnt read ok..enjoy!!!! reply


Hey Guys !
For All those people who want to play Videos/Movies on TV using USB port on standalone DVD player here’s a simple, crisp and clear solution.

The software that converts video files from any video format to any format you want.
It doesn’t cost you any $$ to buy it....it’s absolutely free !!

I have come across this software after putting 100s of hours on net to find one solution to all my DVD-player/Phone/PSP needs.

Download Super Video Converter from


Simple things to keep in mind

1) Format your pen drive with FAT32 (Most pen drives have FAT file system by default)
2) Install Super Video Converter.
3) Drag and drop the file which to want to convert to .avi file which can be played on your DVD player
4) VERY IMPORTANT - Double click on the file and you will be able to see Media information of the input file:

The info that you will need
- For Video Stream settings

i) Resolution/Video Scale size
ii) Aspect Ratio
iii) FPS (Frames per second)
3) Video Bitrate

- For Audio stream

i) Sampling Frequency
ii) Channels
iii) Audio bitrate

For Output file you need to choose the settings accordingly

Choose output container as .avi
Choose Output video codec as .divx ( make sure your dvd manual says it can play .divx codec through USB)
Choose mp3/AC3 - If it’s a 5.1Ch output you should choose AC3.
- I am assuming you have a 5.1ch DVD player and you would love to choose AC3.
- If it’s not 5.1, choose mp3 - which I am sure your DVD player will play ;) !

For Video stream settings

- Maximum resolution that most DVD players can play is 720x576.
If the input file resolution is greater than this, then set resolution to 720*576
- Aspect Ratio - Leave it untouched. (You can set it to 4:3 if you want to stretch the video to watch it fullscreen on TV)
(After this setting the file may not play properly on computer but will play perfectly on your TV!)

- FPS - 25 fps (most of the times its 25fps)
- Video Bitrate - You can see this in the media info (Mentioned in step 4 above)

For Audio stream settings
- Sampling Frequency - Choose Sampling frequency from Media Info - Step 4;
- Channels - a) Choose 2 if you want stereo output
b) Choose 6 if it’s a 5.1ch output file (Dolby digital/Surround sound)

- Audio bitrate - Refer Media info in step 4

CLick Encode file And you are done !!

The other amazing things that this player can do
- Change resolution and fps to play videos on your mobile
- Convert any file to .VOB if you want to make a Video DVD
- Convert HD videos (like .mkv) to other compatible formats .avi / .divx which can be played on DVD players
- If you have any video file which plays for sometime and stops abruptly, then converting might also fix this issue.

Troubleshooting Tips
- Certain DVD players can’t play large files (>2-3Gb or 3 hours of video)...so try to keep file size within limits, you may have to split the file. reply

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im also using a usb flash disk 2gb. I download videos to 4shared.com and the video codecs that supports in some dvd players are the codec (avi. XviD).Can you pls help me were i can convert some of my videos to (avi. XviD) coz not all of my videos are in avi. xvid , pls send me the correct link thanks...

here’s my e-mail pc_0919@yahoo.com reply


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