Unable to locate SP44 codec

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Can anyone please direct me to where I can download the above codec SP44? I need it to display family video’s saved as AVI.

GSpot: SunPlus Aiptek MegaCam Codec SunPlus44

I have tried searching but seem to come up against a brick wall, I currently run vista but have access to XP if needed.

I have tried FourCC again to no avail.

Thank you reply

I wrote about that years ago
the logitech link still works

if you’re installing it in 7 or Vista, you need to run it as an administrator (right-click, run as administrator) else it won’t write the registry entries.
if you’re still having trouble, get back to the thread. reply


God, I feel for you ! I tried this myself for over 2 years. I had my son’s baby videos...priceless !!

It’s 4AM, and i just found the right file. I am a computer programmer, and tried all options. All the links were broken, except one. I installed shedloads of dead-end 'solutions''. and even I was scared of viruses...not to say massively frustrated with the 'it’s easy' comments (6 years ago) when it wasn’t event then, and it’s harder now the links are broken !!

It’s in the USB video driver, but that’s a 2003 product, so it’s all dead webpages, bar that lucky one.

Anyway, i’ll upload it to my server here: www.enterprisegovernance.co.uk/sp44/tempsp44driver.exe, until i get time to find where i found it !! :)

I saw over 27000 people trying, like me, to depsperately find the solution.

Please, if you have a server or internet filespace, save it & post it’s location. The more copies out there, the better, i feel. Yep, when i got the movie-camera to avi file conversion hardware, i thought “great, avi is safe” ... but it wasn’t.

Convert it quickly to mpeg4, mpg, wmv or mov quickly !!
I use AVS video converter, which worked the instant i had run
the USB 2.0 UVC camera software that this exe provided

I’ll try to post where i found the file, but as it was only 1 of around 200 pages i viewed, and that could be discontinued any minute, i guess getting the word out is best.

If you can help, please give a link. reply


So far I have drawn a great big blank on trying to overcome this problem, all suggestions and searching through Google sadly lead to dead ends or blind-end websites.

Can anyone help me please? I have two DVD’s with approximately 16 priceless family avi files that I cannot access due to this SP44 codec problem.

Thank you reply


Nigel, sadly your link was a dead-end for me in that it reported it did not exist on that site. reply


SP44 link is, and has been dead. If you’re looking for it, I have the USBAV170 software (which includes the SP44 codec) hosted on my server here:

http://www.andrewgwallace.com/transfer/SP44_codec.zip reply


Andrew, just tried your link but guess it has been a while. any way to reset? reply


search for USBAV170 on softpedia.

download this one:

drivers.softpedia.com/get/TV-Tuner-Co/Others/ADS-Tech-USB-Instant-Video-Driver.shtml reply


I’ve reset the link. I’m honestly surprised people are still looking for this after so many years!

http://www.andrewgwallace.com/transfer/SP44_codec.zip reply


i have mirrored the above link here
http://samples.ffmpeg.org/V-codecs/SP44/SP44_codec.zip reply


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