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I like the results of using both the Xvid and divX codecs, except for the fact that there is the damn “DivX” logo in the bottom right of the screen. Is there a way to remove it? Or could someone reccomend me a better codec to use? I use FRAPS to capture videos off a game I play (world of warcraft) and I compress it but I need a codec that looks good (so far I’ve only tried a few but i like the xivd/divx) but doesn’t have any logos on the movie itself.

Thanks. reply

Is it just a playback problem? If it is, go to your start menu and find the divx decoder configuration utility. There should be a tab that disable displaying the logo.

If you converted a divx video (to a different codec/container) and did not turn off that option, the logo will appear in the outputed movie. (I found that out one day when I saw a .wmv with the divx logo - I told myself “how can a .wmv file be using divx???") There’s not much that can be done about that except reencode the original with the logo setting off in the configuration utility. reply


I’m not quite sure if i understand what you’re saying, is there an Option IN the dvix menu to turn off the logo that appears on movies you use the codec on?

I’m trying to take something recorded with FRAPS, and remove the dvix logo that they put in the bottom right of the screen after you encode it. reply


Which version of DivX are you using? I think very old versions like 5.0.1 or something used to put the logo if you didn’t have DivX Pro. Or are you using a version that came in a codec pack? (bad! bad!)
But yes, in current versions of DivX there is a setting in the Decoder Configuration Utility to turn off the logo - this is for playback (when you play DivX-encoded files).
In DivX 6 it’s in Start/Program/(All Programs)/DivX/DivX Codec/Decoder Configuration Utility, then it’s under the Toolbar tab. Uncheck the box 'Show DivX logo watermark'
In DivX 5 (later versions) it’s in the same start menu location, but it’s under the 'Quality Settings' tab. Check the box 'Disable Logo'.
It’s a bit tricky, because in one version you have to check the box, whereas in the other you have to uncheck it. reply


lol wow, easy fix, thanks a lot reply


the only way i do it is i use a screen capture program that will not leave any watermark and can record full screen - and for this, i used Ezvid free screen recorder for Windows. - does work great and have no problems at all.. you may try it.. this is the way i do it though reply


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