Problem with Fraps and ZMBV (DOSBox) codec vids playing in Windows 7

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Hey all. Never posted here before, but I’m having a problem. I just got a new computer and it has Windows 7 on it (I tried installing XP, but the setup crashes). I can’t view or edit videos I’ve made with the Fraps or ZMBV codecs. This is important, as a huge reason why I upgraded is to do PC gameplays in much better quality.

First Fraps I guess. I have the codec installed, but the videos won’t play in Winamp or Windows Media Player, and can’t be edited in Pinnacle (it won’t let me drag it into my project). No sound or video.

Second, Dosbox vids. Once again, I have the codec installed. The audio plays but the video does not. It doesn’t work in Media Player or Winamp. Sound works, no video.

I put a few sample videos I made through GSpot, it says there’s no audio codec required, and the video codec is installed. When I performed a video test, it says that it failed due to an unknown error. I can give the specific error message if you guys want.

I hope someone can help. This is very frustrating.

Thanks in advance.

Rob reply

also, when you run those codec installation programs in windows 7, you MUST run them with administrative privileges. otherwise it won’t say a thing, but the proper registry entries won’t get written (since they’re protected).
to do so, right-click the installation programs, and pick “run as administrator”. naturally you’ll get the warnings, but that’s for your protection.
if you still have trouble, right-click the installation program, pick properties, then go to the compatibility tab. set them to run for XP SP3 compatibility mode. then keep trying, toggling downward (XP SP2, XP, 2000, 98, ...) until you get a working setting.

anyway, now that you have Windows 7, do you have the 32-bit or the 64-bit version? remember if your app is 32-bit, you need 32-bit codecs. if it’s 64-bit, you need 64-bit codecs. the default windows media player in windows 7 64-bit is 32-bit. (there’s two windows media player folders in windows 7 64-bit: one in program files (64-bit) and one in program files (x86) (32-bit); the default one in the start menu links to the 32-bit one).
this is most relevant when you’re trying to use media player classic home cinema (has both 32-bit and 64-bit versions), and virtualdub (same).

miscellaneous 2:
do you get a BSOD when booting from the XP CD? you can either slipstream the SATA drivers into the CD, or go into the BIOS and make the SATA controller act like an IDE one (setting may be named IDE legacy, AHCI, RAID, SATA native or something related)


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