Problem with corrupted files, missing codecs

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Ok...I’ve been making videos with windows live movie maker. I used to have problems with it when i started. for instance, when I split the clips the thumbnail would sometimes dissapear. I would right click on it and it would say the only way to fix it is to delete it from my project.
Now I’m makin Amv’s (animated music videos) so the clips are bery fast moving and hard to replace if I delete them. And the only way to publish them to youtube is to convert them to a certain file that youtube will allow, even though it is in the WMM format. This used to not be a problem, I only download youtube clips and reuse them so i dont know why its doing this. But Its saying im missing codecs. Can someone pleeeeaaassseee help me beause now its not even letting me scroll down the video or watch without the clips getting corrupted. :/

Please help. reply

Hi Sigfree,

It does sound odd that it appears to be corrupting your videos even if you just watch them. The question is whether your PC has got a virus infection or whether the harddrive is corrupting the data. If not, it might be that your Windows Live MovieMaker installation has started using a different code that is unsupported by YouTube.

You might also consider trying to upload videos using the LiveUpload to YouTube MovieMaker-plugin. reply


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