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I need ABYR codec that used to come with some USB support camera or a codec pack i do not remember.. I coded my nephew’s first b’day in that., I can hear the sound but it says codec missing...

I tried to search the net but it just seems not t exist anymore...

any help will be appreciated reply

ADVERTISEMENTS can decode my ABYR and AJPG samples

Kensington VideoCAM software comes with
also Philips Camera software has this file
but i dont think these installers actually install support for this fourcc.

i suspect that it can also decode LBYR, JBYR and UV12
but i dont have samples to test.

system.ini,drivers32,“VIDC.ABYR=aoxdxipl.sys" reply


HOLY CRAP, you’re right about decoding AJPG and LBYR! (I just tested it on AJPG samples and the only LBYR sample I have.) For years I’ve been looking for AJPG and LBYR decoders!

I only had ABYR (though I didn’t post the solution I found because I don’t have any ABYR samples) and I also knew about the UV12 (no samples either). I got that info from the inf files bundled with the drivers for the Chicony Electronics DC 100 Camera, and from the Kensington Aox SE401 USB Camera (found them in July 2007).

I’d never have guessed the decoders I had sitting on my HD all that time could decode fourcc’s that weren’t listed in the inf!

As for JBYR, I’ve never heard of it.

Excellent finds! reply


Terri this is such vluaable information. When you have to visit the ER there is no time to have to think about “what is your mother’s maiden name”. This is a question I always had to ask during times of trauma when I used to work in ER admitting. Thankfully, things have changed some. Being prepared is so important. reply



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