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Not sure if I know enough to ask this question correctly, but first, here’s the background...

I have encoded video files from both Premiere 5.01 and After Effects 4.0 using Indeo 5.04 (which is one of only a few options that show up when selecting video for windows output.) I have used the following settings: 15 f/s 240 X 180 and 300 data rate. I have inserted these videos into a PowerPoint 97 presentation. PowerPoint uses the old mci mplayer to handle video playback. I intend to distribute the presentation on CD-ROM. These files play from CD inside the presentation, but are often choppy and lip sync is off. However, if I play these same avi files from the same CD on the same computer (I have tested this on multiple computers and the result is the same) using the newer Windows Media Player, they playback much smoother and lip sync is not a problem.

In the Powerpoint news group I was told by their experts that the old mci mplayer prefers to decode mpeg1 files encoded in White Book standards, and that if I were to recreate my video files as mpeg1 to the White Book standards that the old mci mplayer would perform much better inside of PowerPoint. I also understand that it will improve compatibiltiy with those who receive the CD-ROM as mpeg1 comes with every Windows system.

Ok... that’s the background. Now my questions:

I do not have a mpeg1 codec on any of my computers. It doesn’t show up as an option in the export settings of Premiere or After Effects, nor does it show up in the Control Panel | Sounds | Hardware | Video Codecs list. (I’ve checked on machines with Windows XP Home, XP Professional and NT 4.0) Why doesn’t it show up if mpeg1 is on every Windows machine? If I don’t have it, where do I download the mpeg1 codec? I have done extensive online search for the codec and do not find it. And if I do already have it on my computers, why can’t I find it and encode with it?

Or... is mpeg1 just a general category for all .avi files and not a specific codec like mpeg2 or mpeg4, etc.?

If the latter, can I use any of my available codecs, i.e. Cinepak, indeo 3.3 or indeo 5.04 to export with White Book standard settings? Is this so? If this is so, I am further confused as my understanding is that an mpeg1 file has a .mpg extension (these other codecs create an .avi extension).

Also if this is so, what codec (used to create a mpeg1 file) is most common, providing the greatest degree of compatibilty with other computers? (I cannot expect that recipients of my CD-ROM will be willing to download codecs first.)

Where can I download this codec?

Finally, when I download the appropriate codec-- whether it be mpeg1 (.mpg) or other (.avi) will it install into my system so that it shows up in the Control Panel and in my codec options inside of Premeire and After Effects?

Thank you for your help in advance.


hi there!
i am just a guest of this forum (googles found by mistake ;-) sorry for my bad english)
you need an mepg1 encoder like TMPGenc
you can get it for free at
(for many many people the best encoder of all)
but there are also premiere encoder plugins
the most known and best workig are
panasonic encoder plugin (very good quality)
cinemacraft encoder (very fast, good quality & expensive)
lsx encoder (lots of setting, fast)
greeting matthias reply


I think you’ve got your codecs and containers mixed up. For example AVI, quicktime, Windows Media, ogm, and matroska are containers. The container defines basic file structure, like headers and stuff. Within a container your audio and video data can be coded using different schemes. Such schemes would be codecs. Examples of codecs would be indeo 3, 4, or 5, cinepak, or microsoft video 1. Interestingly some codecs are cross-platform, meaning they can be used inside different containers. An examples would be cinepak, which can be in an avi or a quicktime file.
MPEG is kind of both a container and a codec, depending on which version you look at. MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 have very specific specifications both for the file structure and the encoding of the video data. Here the notion of codec is not even a concern because the encoding technique is specified and unique. When they came out with MPEG-4 Microsoft tried to wrest control of the standard and came out with their own (incomplete) implementation of it in an avi container. Eventually after three versions they moved it to their own proprietary container (windows media 7); in the meantime apple was left to come up with the mp4 file container...

Bottom line is... MPEG-1 is just MPEG-1. It’s specified and unique. There’s no codecs to worry about.
For mpeg-1 tools use some of the ones mentioned in bloink’s post. reply


"Bottom line is... MPEG-1 is just MPEG-1. Itâs specified and unique. Thereâs no codecs to worry about.
For mpeg-1 tools use some of the ones mentioned in bloinkâs post."

Hmm..Found this page via google. I was searching for an mpeg1 codec.. My problem is I can’t playback any .mpg anymore (mpeg1). I was told to reinstall the codec. reply


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