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hi to evryone.

i am now quite experienced with frustrative
codec things, but i dont get THIEF GOLD to run,
not anymore. (Version 1.37)

Maybe it^s got to do with the Indeo Drivers?

I have FFDSHOW installed to watch AVI-Movies,
and there i activated most of the formats.

also, if someone could help with a movie which
is DIVX 3 Low-Motion, FFDSHOW has to be excatcly configured so as not take too much CPU-Power,
or the PC will not react anymore, only if you
set down that throttle-lever there in FFDSHOW.

Also, I have a slight slow-motion in viewing a
movie that is in DIVX3 or 4 FAST motion, but
its not serious.

You see, i cant reboot cuz of download waiting
queue positions of running downloads.

Also, STAR WARS Batllefront needs Service Pack 1,
and there i got an error message saying 'ATAPI
in use' --> once i could solve that but forgot how! tried evrything.

My HW is P4 2.4 GHz, 512 MB RAM, NVIDIA Gefroce
6800 GT, and i thought i have 8X-AGP but in the
driver settings of NVIDIA its only written AGP 4X!
That also. The Machine is a FUJITSU SCALEO 800S,
and all drivers are correct.

The major problem in thief: it ran until yesterday,suddenly, the game would be fine, but
no 'missions comlete' and no movies.
The reinstall, then, now!, when starting thief.exe
, he tries something, but blanks out shortly and
goes back to the desktop!

Help, i need somebody, help!, not just anybody...
thanx! you know i need someone, thanx....

if i can help anybody, i got messages activated. reply



SOS than kyou ver ymuch for going through the trouble and time consuming task of helping people and stoping this multibillion pound gready companies rip us off...

This realy helps thanyou again for the codec.... reply


hi...iv got a logitech webcam and when i finish recording a video and try to watch it i get an error which says “unable to open video, the specific file is invalid or the MCI device failed to open the video”

i tried all the downloads above and it still didnt work? can any help me plz?

Danny reply


SOS, another thanks goes out to you.

Google is the mother of us all! ;) reply



Thanks so much SOS.It works with my XP.What a great job,dude.Gob bless. reply


I have to thank you, sos. Your download worked perfectly today, months after you posted.

To reiterate for newcomers, here is a legitimate download location for a file that, when run, installs the Indeo codecs. This installation allows you to view video in older games that used this now-outdated encoding technique. It works with Windows XP, yet is not included in the Windows XP operating system (any version):

The following link is a download location for Indeo Video version 5, which allows people who develop or manipulate Indeo video files to continue to do so under the Windows XP operating system when running Netscape. It can be installed before or after the codecs from the previous link, and is NOT required to simply view Indeo videos in old games. This link may not be available later, as it links to a file on an individual person’s account somewhere on the Internet. codecs/iv5setup.exe

Please not that I have no association with these files or their quality. Anytime you download and use files from the Internet, I highly recommend using a current virus and spyware checker.

I have read online that people who purchase the most up-to-date files from Indeo have successfully gotten their old game videos to play correctly in Windows XP. If you have a excess cash to burn and a credit card, need technical support, and don’t mind the feeling of a large pole shoved up your...nevermind, here’s the link:

--Zeno reply


Thanks SOS exactly what I was looking for reply



The original link from SOS (18 Jan 2004) saved my problem today, with a language course that didn’t work. Thanks! reply


hats off to u sos .....u wiped out ligos!!!! reply


Thanks SOS...

I too was in search of the codec and found your nice link.


so was that the intel site giving it away for free...and Indeo trying to charge for it?

thanks though reply


thnx man reply


i bought a monopoly game for my pc and downloaded the codec like you said and the game still says that i don’t have the proper indeo codec installed... i have windows xp home edition. what could the problem be? reply


SOS THANKYOU soooo Much , I have so many clips that did not work without indeo , thanks again !!! reply


Help! help me someone when i try to start motocross madness 2 so it pop up you nedd a codec to play this game! can someone send a codec to motocross madness 2?? please? reply


Another thank you for the link to intel’s indeo V5 installer.

I got an old game that needed indeo working fine under WinXP SP2 using a microsoft update referenced here:
My source of that link was:
So Microsoft seems to be supporting this again, if you look hard enough.

But Windows Update would not show me that hotfix on my Win2k machine. Perhaps I just hosed the installed codec with all my mucking about with DVD authoring programs ;)

Anyway, this installer worked great. I’ll have a happy 4 year old in the morning. His Christmas present runs now! reply


When i play a educational CD, the message comes Indeo Video exe.required, from which site I can download this software? reply


Sweet, after all this time SoS’s post still works.

God I love google, thanks man. reply


Heres another link I found for the FREE Indeo Codec. reply


sos for president

thanks so much, it only bloodly worked !! reply


You can also find it here:

Enjoy! reply


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