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you’re so smart. Why don’t you make them a new banner?Just be tfaukhnl that this site is always helping everyone out and stop complaining!Even if it was only meant as an FYI , you think these guys don’t have their own personal lives? That they live to serve you and adjust every little banner on this site so leechers like you can be happy when you look at the picture? Get a life!Thanks for the filesonic links guys! Keep up the great work! reply


This release soehwd me the futility of my old ways. I’ve destroyed my tv and HD media centre. Form now on, I’m only going to watch quality releases like this, on my old 2 Nokia phone, sitting forty feet away, like the person who risked their freedom to bring us this quality release intended. It’s the new THX, giving me an experience like I’m right there in the cinema with them. Wait that doesn’t do it justice. It’s like I was partially blinded by a laser, kicked hard enough in the head to lose my hearing and give me a concussion, and then sat right beside them in the cinema. Thank you, WBZ and OneDDL! reply



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