Cannot watch video content but can hear audio content.

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Hello. I am new to this forum and I greet you all. :)

To the issue. I recently re-installed my computer since it has been infected with Trojans. I backed up all my vidoes, music and games on a USB device. Now my computer is fresh and I downloaded the latest ATI 3850 driver & K-Lite Mega Pack 5.0.5 Basic pack.

When playing a movie on Windows Media Player, I can hear audio and that is fine, but I can’t watch the video. I tried to play on VLC but instead recieved some input error that the video was unable to recgonize this and that. I downloaded Gspot and it says Codec is installed. Playing games and listening to music is fine.
I also tried to play a DVD movie(CD) and that worked fine. Only movies stored into my computer doesn’t work.

But what I just figured out yesterday was that if I open my winamp and play a movie there, while I can’t see anything but can hear sounds; I also open the same movie on VLC or WMP11 and the funny is thing is that I can see the movie. Meaning, I have a movie played on another media player(With no video contet), while I open another extra media player and can hear and watch which is working fine. But still I want to fix the issue. Never happened before.

Anyone have any idea? I thank you all.

Best regards.

(Sorry english is my second language) reply

GSpot isn’t very good at diagnosing whether codecs are properly installed (it IS excellent at telling what codec a file is, or whether it’s an AVI or not though).
If you don’t mind telling, which codec(s) is/are giving you trouble? Keep in mind VLC has its codecs built-in, so they won’t be available to other apps or players. reply


Absolutely! I had the same problem, but on this site someone suggested that I go to:

start>controlpanel>display>settings>advanced>troubleshoot>then set the hardware acceleration

to none. It worked like a charm! Thank you, moviecodec! reply

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