.avi movie playing on a DivX supported dvd player.

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My dvd player is divX supported, should a .avi file be able to play on it if i burn it to, lets say a DVD-R disk?

Can i burn it to any disk aswell? reply

First check if your avi is using the DivX codec. Use a tool like gspot, avicodec, or mediainfo to tell. DivX 3 uses the fourcc’s (four character codes) DIV3 and DIV4. DivX 4 uses DIVX. DivX 5 and 6 use DIVX and DX50. Some DivX-certified players may also support other flavors of MPEG-4 such as Xvid or MP43 (Microsoft MPEG-4 version 3). Check your manual to make sure.
If the above checks out, it should work. You should also be able to burn multiple AVI files on a single DVD disc, or single AVI files to CD-R, and have them play. A few things to check:
- Be sure you burn to media supported by the player. And I don’t mean just DVD+R vs DVD-R (though it would be the first thing to check). Some brands work better. There’s often a list of recommended brands in the manual.
- Avoid fancy filenames. Meaning filenames with special characters like [ ( / ^ or foreign characters. It may work on some players, but then again it may not.
- Before burning to -R or +R media, burn to RW media just to test. It’ll spare you wasted media in case anything goes wrong.
This should cover most scenarios. If you’re still stuck, get back to this thread. reply



Professional and helpful! reply

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