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Newbie question. I have a collection of old AVI files, imported from a Panasonic camera DV tape in, I believe, DVSD codec (the one that just stores frames as JPEGs, effectively). They are very large, but have very high quality.

My problem is that the AVI container format does not support metadata, and I really need to add metadata to them for archival purposes. But I do not want to sacrifice video quality, since these are “heirloom”-type recordings.

So what I am looking for is a way to either:
1) Convert these AVI files to a better container (MP4?) without changing the codec, or
2) Convert them to another codec in a way that will preserve the quality.

So far, I have been unable to find a way to do either.

Suggestions, please? reply

Hi Lev,

I do not, right now, know of any way to convert AVI files to another container without quality loss. Unless you were to convert them using a lossless codec (which would result very large files).

However, maybe you should try abcAVI Tag Editor, this piece of software allows you add and save lots of metadata in your AVI files. reply


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