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bigFoot wrote:

Becca wrote:
I have the biggest problem. I am trying to make an amv. I got a bunch of episodeís that I purchased online and when I try to import them into Windows Movie Maker it says: The required codec was not downloaded automatically because the Download codecs automatically check box is not selected in the Options dialog box.
I have checked everywhere for a Options dialog box or another codecís downloader but I am still stuck! Can you help?
~Thank you~

First things first, Becca. I doubt you have the biggest problem. In fact, I would say that there are people who have much bigger problems than yours. So you illegaly downloaded a few episodes of a TV show, tried to change their format to AMV for some unknown reason, and put them in Windows Movie Maker. You clearly have a big problem in that you have no idea how to go about using a computer properly, but that’s OK! We’re here to help you and to make you feel better about yourself. Next time, don’t pretend you’re dying of starvation or terminally ill; or indeed that your family life is falling apart around you and your best friend just passed away. You do not have the biggest problem, and if you do, you have not just mentioned it.

As you would know had you just READ A FEW PAST POSTS before you bothered posting yourself (although I suppose maybe writing out that post took your mind off the biggest problem, you can find the codec at http://www.free-codecs.com/. Furthermore, it isn’t particularly hard to find “Options” in any Windows software - its in the same place in almost every piece of software you get from Microsoft: Tools -- Options. What a shame even the most basic software solutions escape you.

So 'yes' is the answer - I can help. But next time, do me a favour. Read past posts, and if and only if your question hasn’t already been asked, ask nicely.

This may have been asked already, but don’t flame, because I’m too lazy to look through the posts, but... Which codec pack should I D/L for Windows Movie Maker? I am completely lost at that site. reply


Go 2 windows media player, options.
Under player there is a thing u can check mark to download all codecs reply


Hey I have an mp4 player which plays amv files but when i convert the file to amv and try to play it on my windows media player 11, it says it cant play it. What do I have to do? reply


I’m new to this computer media thing. I was wanting to know how to thange a SFV file to AVI file. reply


i have this video which doesnt work. on real player or windows media. on real player it tried to download the codex needed but it didnt work. in the details it says the that content type is


so what do i need to download for it to work reply


BigFoot you are very wise i congratulate you on such wisdom where did you learn such things? reply

Ive been downloading moviesfor allmost a year now, But all of a sudden Ive been getting this error stating that I need to have an AVI Extension in order to watch it . What is that and what do I got to do to resolve this ? is it another codec that I have to install, beenn looking all over , cant find it reply


Please Help me out. !!

I need a Video Codec Pack for my Animation Software “Adobe Premiere Pro”.

So That i can Import any kind of files in it.
RIght now as default only .avi files are allowed t o import :(

Please Can Someone help me ?

Thanks In Advance.

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