How to convert MKV to AVI with subtitles?

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I don’t know how to convert MKV to AVI with subtitles. I have tried many way but the subtitles never appear...can anyone help me with this?? reply


I’m having same problem. Help please! reply

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try to search mkv to avi with subtitle in or reply



This guide will show you how to convert MKV file to AVI format and without loss its subtitle after being converted (Generally speaking, there are two types of MKV video with subtitle: plug-in or embedded).

1. Download MKV to AVI With Subtitle and install & run it.
Download URL:

2. Click the Open Video button, select an mkv file.

3. Click the Options button to configure the output options.

4. Click the Convert button to output video file.


Before you launch the program, recommend to install the MKV codec if you want to convert mkv to avi and with subtitle both.

Options dialogbox is used to select the options of the output clip.

1. If you just want to convert mkv to avi without subtitle. You may select Video compressor and Audio compressor such as DivX XviD codec as you need. (Some Video compressors and Audio compressors do not work).

If you want to convert MKV to avi file with its subtitle, you must install MKV codec pack before you launch the program. Select the Video compressor with “ffdshow video encoder”. The another name “ffdshow Video Codec” may not work.

2. Most audio compressors may not work well. Even they make the program crash. MKV to AVI with Subtitle sets Microsoft ADPCM as the default audio compressor.

If you want to view the converted avi file on the DVD/DIVX player or portable devices, you may try MPEG Layer-3 as Audio compressor. But the MP3 encoder bundled in Windows was made in 1997, 56kbps, and not stable. If your computer has installed Fraunhofer Radium MP3 codec, the conversion mkv to avi will work perfectly. But Fraunhofer does not retail the compressor.

3. Some video compressors have not the settings dialog box. After you select “ffdshow video encoder”, clicking the Settings button does not work. You may select the Windows menu Start->Programs->Combined Community Codec Pack->Filters->FFDShow VFW Codec Configuration->FFDShow VFW Codec Configuration. Or select “ffdshow Video Codec”, click the settings button, configure its settings, and then select “ffdshow video encoder” again.

The default encoder is MPEG-4, XVID, you may change FOURCC to DIVX, or DX50.

After we tested XVID or DIVX in ffdshow, the 2 codecs support subtitle conversion well. You may try other encoders, they may not support subtitle conversion. There are errors after clicking the Convert button if the encoder does not support the subtitle conversion.

4. If you want to change the size of output file, Please set Bitrate (kbps) in the ffdshow video encoder configuration dialogbox. The Encoding bitrate is bigger, the picture is clearer, but the output file is bigger.

5. After open a video file, at the right bottom of Windows desktop, you will find 2 icons: Haali Media Splitter and DirectVobSub.

Right-click the Haali Media Splitter icon, you may change an audio stream or subtitle:

Right-click the DirectVobSub icon, you may change an audio stream or subtitle, or configure audio/video decoder, or DirectVobSub filter settings.

6. If your MKV file has subtitle, and you want to convert mkv to avi without subtitles, you can disable the function auto-loading in vsfilter. Select Start->Programs->Combined Community Codec Pack -> VSFilter Configuration-> General -> Loading -> Do not load. The default is Load when needed.

Then launch MKV To AVI With Subtitle to convert the video files.

If you want to playback the video file with subtitle, restore the default “Load when needed”.

7. At last, click the Convert button to start conversion. When converting mkv to avi, please do not change audio stream or subtitle.


For more information, Please visit its official site: reply

I cannot use MKV to AVI With Subtitle without the regisration code reply


Thnx for the guide!!!
I have tried many wayes but none of them worked, but this one works greate!!! And again thnx for the detailed guide!!! reply


My god!

Well people are kind of slow.

OK, to do this you get MKVToolnix and MKVextractGUI.

After you have them both, you install MKVToolnix and extract the GUI into the install directory.

Now, open MKV extract and drag the file you want to part out into the open file space.

Tell it where you want the files and tell it to extract. Once done you will have the audio, video and subtitles in one folder awaiting to be put into another container.

Now to not have the new .sub/.srt/.txt subs as a separate file, you’ll have to hard-code the subtitles into the video.

OR you could leave it nice and organized in the .mkv container. Then, explain why you want to change the container.

If you still want to continue into .avi say so and I’ll continue. reply


continue reply


Ok, now time to mux the files together along with hardcoding the subtitles into the video file.

To do this we’ll require a transcoding tool.

We’ll use MediaCoder for this.

OK, now install with all video and audio codecs it requires. Let it update if needed.

Once you finish, uncheck see start page.

Also, when it starts up it may load a web page for it’s setup. In the same webpage, you can disable this if it annoys you.

Now to the video.

I had you last extract the audio and video so this program wouldn’t have to, saving some precious time. Also the program doesn’t usually work well with the latest MKVtoolnix.

OK, to continue my extended guide.

Now, toss all the files you’re going to need for this .avi file into the program’s window. This includes the subtitles.

Now, to make sure you get what you want (An .avi) go to the middle menu there where it says Container. Choose AVI, and then it’s time to set up the audio and video.

Video tab:
Check Enable Video
Source: Auto select
Format: XVID
MODE: Two Pass
kb/s box: 800
Source & Encoder: Auto Select

Audio Tab:
Check Enable Audio
Source: Auto select
Encoder: Copy Original

Picture Tab:
Make sure everything here is unchecked but display encoding frame (if you want to see the frame being encoded) if not, uncheck everything.

Container Tab:
Multiplexer: Auto select
Uncheck remuxer

We are transcoding the video only because we need to add the subtitles to it. The original audio should do fine.

Make sure you either note where the files will be sent or you send them to the original files' location (Set by default).

Now, hit start and you’re off! reply


don’t spend HOURS to convert your .mkv files to
avi using damn converters!,just rename the
.mkv extension to .avi and put the subtitle file in same folder as you do with other avi files.
that’s all!!
I think that is the best and easiest solution :) reply

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changing the extension doesnt make it an avi. converting it changes the codes to match the appropiate file type reply


kasper - thank u sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much!!! I have tried every convertor i can find, none of them work, but ur idea did!! THANK U !!!!!!!! =D reply


kasper - thank uuuu sooooooooooooo mmmuuucch!!!!
man ur a life saver, after downloading loads of convertors and trying them out, ur idea is a honestly a piece of cake that i can enjoy ... so again THANK UUU!!!! =D reply


You just need a MKV to AVI Converter. Google it, you can easily find it like Moye MKV Converter reply


maybe you can try a program called Moyea MKV Converter which can help you convert MKV to AVI with subtilts.

good luck! reply


thank you hitman.

your posts were very informative and thorough . reply



its to much of a hassle. Just extract the subs you need with mkvextractgui. Then d/l ConvertXtoDVD (search for a torrent with keygen).

Open ConvertX, add your files, then click on the “[+]” next to your file so the drop down menu comes down. Go to subtitles, right click on it and add your sub that you extracted.

Then click COnvert!!

Trust me this is the easiest way to convert mkv files. i have been looking for the past few days on how to do this but most threads/advice on forums are outdated reply


This will give you DVD format, what about the HD formats ? reply


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