how do I play avi and srt files together?

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LightBahamut, you are travelling a dark and lonely road. NEVER, NEVER, install mingw, cygwin or any linux emulation software. Linux is “challenging” enough, Linux emulation is impossible. The movie is not worth the pain and suffering. reply


supert. dette funket kjempebra. trenger du undertittel for å skjønne norsk? reply


moonwatcher, you rock! Now I can watch this terribly subtitled Tales From Earthsea .srt file and be slightly less confused!

AWESOME!! reply


All you need to do is make sure the movie file and .srt file have the same filename, for example, if the movie’s name is MovieCD1.avi, then the .srt file for must be,then just open the movie in Media Player Classic and it’ll load the subtitle’s automatically. reply


hey. just want to thank moonwatcher again. 2 years later and the post still remains helpful reply


How do i play rmvb file with srt file ? Which mean how can i get the subtitle on the rmvb file? Please help me. Thank you. reply


Hey guys.

Im a newb who just followed your instructions and it just worked. Thanks a lot, but when i play my subs there is whritten <font_color=''#ffffff”> in front of every quote. Please help me get rid of it, its annoying :D

Thanks reply


Here are some simple steps to get the avi and srt files working together...

1. Both files should have the exact same filename (Case Sensitive)...

2. Play the avi file in any player you desire....

3. Enjoy!

Let me know what challenges you might encounter. ^_^ reply


thanks moonwatcher. the second link u provided is very very simple. thanks a lot for ur help reply


Mac OSX Little Helper-

Thanks for your help. You’re fantastic! reply


thx 1,000,001 to rubytu, but now my VLC says “fontcolor #00000” before each subtitle,an admittedly minor problem, and I realize this is an old thread but, anyone?? reply


I´ve got some videofiles in XviD. avi format together with seperate srt files. No problem to play the video on my computer, imac G5, but I want to burn the videofiles with the srt files to watch on my seperate dvd record player. Probably I need some video converter for mac to put the XviD file together with the srt file. Anybody who knows?? reply

Feedback’s a brilliant question :P i dont watch these movies on the computer cause i have a small screen...i usually burn em on a cd and watch on my dvd player...i have only a Cd writer though...i burn Video there anyway i can use these subtitles when burning it on the cd so my dvd players reads em? reply


This is probably the easiest way I’ve found:

Step one: download VLC media player. If you don’t have it, get it, it plays like everything except for Realmedia and Quicktime.

Step two: Click file -> Open directory. Or you can hit Ctrl + E on your keyboard.

Step Three: Select the folder with the AVI movie and the SRT file in it. You may have to make a new folder with just the movie and sub file in it.

Step Four: Enjoy your movie/tv show/aids.

this has been a message by stopher. reply


i just download korean movies...
and i download the subtitle from opensubtitle...
but i cannot see the subtitle when i watch the movie...
can u guys help me???

a lot of thanks... reply


Hey 'Mac OSX Little Helper'.....thanks for ACTUALLY helping some of us who don’t know where the power button is! I am facing an issue though. I have a PC (XP), and I tried following your VLC Player steps as best as I could because a lot of the file menus are a little different but I’m still not getting the subtitles.

If you (or anyone else) could help me with the VLZ Player on XP, that would be awesome.

And 'ArtsyFartsy' nice man (woman?). :) reply


******How to copy your movie and subtitles to DVD******

I have yet to try it but im sure it will work!!!

people really are lazy, this took 2 mins and google to find... reply


I installed DirectVobSub and it plays in VLC, but not in Windows Media, even with subtitles disabled. But I did get it to work when I downloaded an older version:

Just a heads up for anyone having trouble. reply


frustrated wrote:
ok..i have avi and srt file together..I try playing it on VLC..only jap words come out....when i try to go to subtites in the menu..its grey...when i try going to preferences..nothing shows up in the damn input/codecs file..and NO subtitles File...IM TRULY FRUSTRATED AND WANT TO WATCH MY DAMN MOVIE!!!!

I am in the same boat as this guy, I try to play the file in DivX and only have sound and video, No subs. Try in VLC and not even a subtitle option. All this is after a FRESH install of my OS (Win XP PRO) everything worked fine before but nothing is working now..... Right about now no antivirus and sluggish comp sounds better than the boat i’m in now...... reply


VLC is set up to look in the “Subtitles” folder where the Movie is located. So, if you want it to auto-detect the Subtitles, create a folder called “Subtitles” or ".Subtitles” and re-open the movie. reply


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