problem navigating through local folders for music playback

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This may be a stupid question, but I need some help figuring out the S1 mp3 player version 3.5.37 (Wilson Co. Ltd.) - it looks like the iPod Nano and has the brand name “mpod” on it. It also plays video files (MTV format), and has an FM radio tuner, and a voice recorder.

My problem is Iíve saved some music on the device, but Iím having problems playing it; the sound and everything works fine, but it wonít let me select which folders/albums to play - when I navigate through the local folders, select the one I want to play, and press ďplay," it just keeps going back to the beginning of the first album I saved on the device. The only way Iíve been able to navigate to a specific album has been to go to the playback screen and then use the forward and back arrow buttons to go through every damned song thatís stored on the device until I get to the album I want to play. Does anyone know another way of doing it, or am I just doing something wrong?

Iíd greatly appreciate it if anyone who can help could e-mail me at, or let me know if there’s any other information I could provide about the device I have that would make it easier for you to help me.

Many thanks,
Kevin reply

Check the repeat section and put is in normal and then you can navigate the local folder reply


I’m having the same issue, and the repeat mode does not change things. I’m wondering if there was a firmware upgrade to make these things play music in subfolders, but they forgot that every folder has subfolders . and .. created by default, so when I try to select a local folder it navigates to it and gives me the option of selecting / , which just navigates back up again.

Is there anyway on a PC to avoid getting the unix-style folders .. and .? reply


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