Need Help with Mp4 player type C!!!

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I just recently bought a 1 GB MP4 player Type C from Ebay. I formated the mp4 using FAT and it stated I only have 243 MB. How do I get it back to 1 GB of space? Any suggestions or if there any software or firmware out there to correct this problem?

Thanks reply

Looks like you’ve been ripped off. There have been several instances of people experiencing the same problem as you after formatting their players. It seems there are fake products floating around on the market (namely eBay) that use a software trick to make it look like there is more space than there really is until after you format the memory for the first time. Is this the first time you’ve formatted it? Did you ever store more than 243 MB worth of data on it at any one time? If the answer is “yes” to those questions, then you have a fake. If I’m not mistaken, 243 MB is the same as the formatted size of a 256 MB chip. It would appear that, in actuality, your player has a memory capacity of 256 MB, but the company that manufactured it manipulated the software to display a fake size of 1 GB. You need to conatct the seller on eBay (are they from another country by any chance?) and demand a refund. reply


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