What is the Best method for storing video files

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Okay, this is a simple question thats going to have massive personal preferences so here it goes...

I am building up a large digital video/movie collection on my computer. I have 124 video files at about 95GB of space. I know its not really a lot since we have access to hard drives that are terabyte’s now but I’m not looking for a simple answer of “Get a bigger hard drive” or “Get a second drive”.

In your own opinion what is the most effective method for storing a large digital video collection. This needs to be safe (backed up), effective (NAS/file server/RAID... something i don’t know about?), and easy to access for streaming, ie PS3 via TVersity.

Thanks for any input people.

Okay.... go. reply

Did you consider saving/storing video files on DVD disks? so that you can enjoy and carry it everywhere, that will be very convinent.
If I were you, I will burn or backup these videos to DVD:-) with Aimersoft DVD Creator. reply

Isnt your real question about the best unform codec and file structure to use, to make it a proper library - not just what you store it on?

H264 with contextual meta data is the holy grail, but only if you want to put in the time to set it up. does anyone have media library utility? reply


DVD is an incredibly bad idea, as you would know they are easily scratched and are slowly becoming outdated.

You could invest in an external hard drive, they are sold at any electrical retailer and are incredibly cheap. It’s the best way to go and a great way to free up space on you HDD.



store them on an external hdd, stream from same drive using a Wii.. im on my second 1Tb drive now.. with all games,and vids stored together and played together. best part is that its kid friendly. bad part is it took a while to set it up. reply


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