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I have an unusual problem with my T410 laptop and AVI files longer than 1 hour 52 minutes.

The video players will not play any video file longer than 1 hour 52 minutes. When I play video files that are longer than 1 hour 52 minutes, the video player simply ends at 1 hour 52 minutes. All of the videos have been converted using Avex DVD Ripper Platinum to AVI format. I have used several video players that all exhibit the same issues.

I have used the Gspot codec tool, and the video length is reported as 1 hour 52 minutes and 53 seconds (the seconds sometimes vary). The videos however are longer than that, and play normally to full length on other computers.

Is there some type of inherent limit with AVI files?

I have been further experimenting and have the following:

I have tried three different hard drives, two Windows 7 loads, and one Windows XP SP3 load. Each load used the codes and drivers associated with the OS. Windows Media player was two different versions: 11 on XP, 12 on W7. In all cases, the video playback is limited to 1 hour 52 minutes and 53 seconds.

I verified the video files play full length (> 2 hours) on several other computers with a variety of operating systems, but they all stop short on the T410 laptop.

I sent the computer in for warranty repair, since after testing I suspected it could be a hardware issue. Lenovo replaced the mother board and performed a series of tests to confirm it is operating properly. Lenovo says that since they ran all of the system tests, it can not be a hardware issue. I have also run a series of my own diagnostics tests and everything seems to be working normally.

Has anyone experienced a similar problem?
Is it possible that the computer is simply not capable of playing a long video file? reply


there is a same problem on my computer. i can’t find solve. Did you solve this ? Codec or file problem ?




same problem in my led86 projector :(
Nasim, Dhaka, Bangladesh.
if anybody find any solution pls mail me: reply


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