Video plays with wrong colors (like with boxes)

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the video plays in all players (WMP, WMP classic, and DIVX PLAYER) with all colors messed up. its like boxes in the screen and the sound jumps like if its a scratched cd. i had reinstall xp like 7 times and tried like 20 codecs and nothing happens. i wish i could attach a screen shot... please need big help!! i have lots of family videos here, they used to play fine but for some reason this started to happen. furthermore: i have a video saved on a cd, it happened in the hd, i deleted it and after copying back again, is perfect!!! ANY IDEAS????????? reply

Possibly the files have become corrupt..

Seems like that’s the issue here..

If not your codec has several issues.

Can you run one of the videos through gspot codec tool and tell me the results? reply


here is a screenshot of the result:
thanks for any help! reply


If you want instant message me with

Also, try using the video options on the bottom left of the program.

It should help in rendering the video.


If the video plays, then it’s working. Obviously. reply


same problem, still that boxes and rectangles. it looks corrupted. the thing is i can understand why it happened! i mean, it was perfect and now the same video looks like that, i havent change codecs or anything when i reinstall.... suggestion???? reply


How large are the videos? reply


700 mb.... mostly all of them reply


Well, to see if it’s the codecs, lets try something.

Download VLC player (Link below) as it uses internal codecs only. If it works, then it’s a codec issue. If it doesn’t it’s video related.

I personally, use KM PLayer, it uses internal codecs and external codecs, but the external codecs have to be specified by the user.

It’s fully customizable.

Link for alpha:

Link for Beta:

I’m using the beta, but will be switching to the alpha... reply


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