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I use windows mediaplayer 10 and nero vision player.
In my AVI movie files the sound is ahead of the video by 2-4 seconds.
I have installed the all-in-one-codec and the ffdd show and a few other to solve the problem and none are working.
How do i get the audio and video in sync?
Detailed instructions would be very helpful.
Thank you! reply

dont know if you have fixed the problem yet as its dated anyway i had the same problem and was told to use this software to convert the file

software name (The Film Machine)

goodluck m8 reply


I have the same problem with my audio and video out of sync both in WMP11 and Nero Essentials 7. I only bought my acer 4736z a month ago and viewing avi files seemed fine and no sync issues at all. I am still populating my laptop with must have applications and it took me a month to test my nero by viewing some borrowed dvd but prior to that I already watched some anime in AVI format and no problems at all. During the Nero test I found out that I need an mpeg 2 with ac3 dolby codec/plug-in (popped-up from nero). So I installed a nero7 with a different license no. and that when I tested it it doesn’t contain the codec I need but still i continued the installation thinking that I will just secure the needed codec some other time. Then the problem aroused when WMP11 update came. I installed the upgrade then watched some avi files. No problem with full movies but then when I tried the anime it already has the sync issues. I tried Nero and same issue. I also tried video streaming still same issue. I tried tinkering the settings from video accelerator to realtek audio panel and some other advance settings and still the problem insists. I believed that either Nero or WMP11 is the culprit. I guess I’ll just have to reformat my laptop and won’t be intalling any WMP11 updates soon. reply


Anyone know a program for out of sync avi videos? reply


I imported from VHS using Dazzle 100. The sync problem gets worse as the video progresses. I checked the time duration and they are the same for audio and video. It appears that their are less frames
29 per second verses samples of audio at 48hz. It begins fine but you can notice it at least 20secs in. I would start playing around with the audio sample rates but without a formula it could see it going on on with undesirable results. Can anybody help?? reply


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