Sound but no video (in all files and all players)

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Hi, I’ll try and make this quick :)

Somehow my friend and I have indirectly made it that his PC no longer displays movies, just the audio. We have every audio and video codec under the sun installed and we have tinkered with them to no avail, the Divx, Media Player 10, Media Player classic, VMC, BSPlayer and several others all play movies with no video.

Through our knowledge of video and codecs, etc we’ve deducted that it’s a filter problem (since it’s happening with all codecs and all players alike) so rather than keep on adding/removing codecs and reinstalling players as we were doing we’ve experimented with ffdshow and the VP6 filter etc to see if we can ammend the problem. But again to no avail.

Documenting our exact system-software setup would no doubt take 3 weeks, so we’re hoping this prob might just ring a bell with someone who has had the same prob of no video in any and all movie files.

We have used the ACE Mega Codec Pack for months and it’s proven so far to be the best compilation of codecs and players we’ve seen. My friend has an Athlon XP 3000+ running a Radeon 9800SE, both non-overclocked. With Service Pack2 and all other windows updates and as we said, we both have a variety of players and countless codecs, but this problem still plays all movies as black.

Sorry for the information overkill, but hopefully someone out there can analyse this a bit and work out why we can’t view anything at all.

PS. we didn’t change/tinker with any option at all prior to this occurence as the system worked A-ok, since then we’ve tried a few measures within our own knowledge to rectify the problem. Any and all help/hints would be greatfully appreciated. reply


I have the same “sound but no video” problem.
Did you find a solution ? reply


First uninstall ANY codec packs you have installed. Then install the latest FFDShow-ALPHA from here:

Also, install AVICodec or GSpot to see if they can identify what was used to encode the video files you have. Main thing is to take note what the video AND audio stream formats are: reply


i have also been having the same problems with certain (avi)but after downloading avicodec i now have a green picture and sound. could anybody help me get rid of the green screen and get propper picture restored reply



Same problem, and Gspot said (before I uninstalled it) that I had the right codecs that would play, and rendered it sucessfully reply

I just found a thing in WinAmp that fixed it for playing it in Winamp

Preferences (Ctrl-P) > Options > Video > UNCHeck allow Overlay

Hope this helps others. reply

I have the same problem. Video files play fine in Premiere Pro 1.5 and WinAmp (after disabling overlay, as posted above), but I get no video in any other player (i.e. MP10, Nero, WinDVD, etc.). How do I fix this? reply



The solution is install the windows media 10 reply


I already have Windows Media 10, I’ll try re-installing it. reply


I had the same problem: audio but no video in all players. (it only worked in WinAmp when I unchecked the overlay property).

But now I have it working on all players.... for me the problem was I am using a laptop and have a CRT connected, and use just the CRT. well the laptop was set to dual mode (CRT and the laptop’s LCD, even though the laptop was closed). as a side note, all video always worked on the LCD, but would be blank on the CRT.

when I switch to just CRT, everything started working fine.

if you’re not using a laptop, this still may lead you in the right direction, as I think your problem must have something to do with the video adaptor (assuming you have all the right codec installed). reply


I was having this problem too. I’m running MCE 2005. I was having problems with green screens in my video so I reloaded everything. On a clean install with the latest FFDSHOW loaded I was getting sound and NO video in anything. I saw someone in one of the earlier posts mention something about a monitor on a notebook. Well I am running dual monitors. I went into my video settings an checked “track overlay protection”. Boom! Everything works now. reply


Alright. I have a GeForce 6600GT AGP running my Sony monitor and a BenQ PE7800 multimedia projector. I just turned off the second DVI port and video started to play fine again. Which sounds nice and all, but doesn’t allow me to show off videos on my projector.

I found video overlay settings in the Nvidia software, but there’s no “turn off overlay” check box anywhere. Can someone tell me what they are running (ATI vs Nvidia), and where they found that option?

Thanks! reply


the only place I found to turn off video overlays was in the WimAmp video properties. reply


I found the following in Nvidia’s lastest video driver 'release notes':

“Video Mirror can only function when *overlay* is
being used. The video player may not be able to
create an overlay if another application is using the overlay, or the desktop display resolution is too high. You can lower the desktop resolution, pixel depth, or refresh rate."

Hence, it seems that any time we set the PC to display in two screens at once, video overlay will automatically be turned on. reply


I likewise encountered this bug with no appearant cause, and have been terribly frustrated with it....I appreciate the tip on how to get WinAmp working, but what of WMP10, Power DVD, Divx Player, etc. ???
has anyone found what caused this in the first place, or how to fully remedy it? reply


hells yeah!!! I got it!!!!!!!
go to the Tools>Options and on hte Performance tab - at the bottom (the video section) click advanced and then check the “use high quality mode” box (this unchecks the overlay box)



hey, jon hiler, could you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell me what exactly you did to get to the tools>options

I’m havin this problem and dunno what to do about it ....thanks

(btw im running a geforce 5600+ fx reply


Sorry for being vague - I was talking about Windows Media Player 10. I got it to work as described by right-clicking on the top of the window and so on...
I have yet to find a way to get everything to work, but this trick combined with the above-mentioned way of getting WinAmp to see the light has left me with two well-equipped media playback options and a host of unanswered questions. (my ATI Radion 9600XT is showing up twice on the device manager tree, and both report different memory resources...I think I may fiddle with this one time and see what further havoc there is to wreak) reply



Hi. I’m not having an audio/no video problem but all the recipients of my email are and they don’t know what to do about it. I read your post above (about going to Tools, Options, etc.) because I was going to pass that info on to them but..... I don’t see the box for “Use High Quality Mode”. I followed all your steps up until that point but then you lost me. What next??? reply


Thanks a ton, but i actually found out how to get EVERYTHING to work...muahahahahaha....i messed around with my nvidia settings and just messed with the overlay quality settings...i dunno EXACTLY what i did...but if anyone needs some help....ill probably be of at least SOME assistance reply


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