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my windows media player used to play movies OK, now, for some unknown reason it is playing them upside down! Can anyone tell me why and how to fix it, I am getting a crooked neck!! Thanks. reply

you don’t have a virus or any thing right. reply


Hi Andy.

Does it play 'all' video files upside down? This is usually a problem caused by your video player software (in your case Windows Media Player) not reading the video files correctly (the wrong CODEC installed can cause it).

If it only plays your own home-made captured video wrong, you need to either reinstall or update Windows Media Player Codecs, or reinstall the actual Capture Card software/drivers.
Also, you may need to reinstall any 'extra' codec packs you have installed (if any), such as the KLITE pack etc.

It sometimes happens if you make your own DVD films, with such software as WINAVI. If you have WINAVI, you can see in the advanced settings, that it has an option for turning the picture upside down, cos they knew that people may have problems after conversion.

Typically, the problem is associated with Media Players codecs (as far as i know), but i have seen other players occasionally do it to (very occasionaly though).

If it becomes a 'real' problem for you, and nothing seems to fix it, i suggest maybe try another video player utility - there are hundreds available, some are free too :)
ZOOM player is a good one, and has a free version available, or a full featured 'purchasable' one off the Internet.

I hope that helps :)

Here’s Microsofts waffling on the subject :

Good luck with it.

I will check back again in the next few days to se how you went on with it.

:) reply


Here’s another good media player. Plays most things. It has all its own codecs included. reply


Philbert you great big yellow ball you. Where have you been lately. I thought you had died or something:( reply


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