Ogg and Ogm files make my computer restart

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Whenever i try to play a *.ogm or *.ogg file, my computer restarts..

I downloaded Gspot, and saw i was missing an audio codec, then downloaded a codec pack, checked gspot again and it says i have all the right codecs

but still when i try to play the files, in windows media player, divx player, and even VLC player, the computer restarts, i tried it in winamp, but it just wont let the file play

and the last time i hit render in Gspot, my computer restarted like 5 seconds later

im not talking about the normal windows “shutdown” restart, i mean, my screen goes blank, and then my computer restarts

im starting to think it was one of microsofts “critical updates” trying to block a competitive filetype

if anyone knows why this is happening and/or how to fix it, let me know, thanx reply

nevermind, i finally figured it out...

i disabled the autoreboot on crash, and read the error message

i had an error in smwdm.sys
looked it up on yahoo, its a driver for soundMAX

soundmax doesnt have any drivers on their site, so i went to my computer manufacturers site, got the updates there... it works perfectly now in windows media player, divx player, and VLC player... winamp still refuses to play it though... reply



I have the same problem, but only with my VLC player. My question to you is, how Do I turn off the autocrash button? where can I find that?

mtry@lbusd.ki12.ca.us reply


(to Paul Try)
Right click on my computer and look under the advanced tab click on 'startup and recovery' and uncheck the 'automatically reboot' button. Reading blue screen info is not always particularly useful. In Kalvin’s case it was obviously a system driver (smwdm.sys), but often you’ll get something more ambiguous (a kernel or low-level driver for instance). reply


I can’t seem to get OGM files to play on my machine either. WinAMP says that OGMs can be played by default since v5.02 and yet, I have 5.07 and there still seems to be no support.

I tried an OGM on GSpot [http://www.headbands.com/gspot/] and it tells me that I don’t even have the proper codex to run the OGM on my machine.

Let me know if anyone figures this out. I’ve been trying to hunt down the problem (and how to solve it) without any luck for the past hour or so. reply


(to anonymous 23)
What did gspot say in the 4CC box and the audio codec name box? reply


anon, you probably just dont have the right codec, look for a decent codec pack with codecs for everything (incase one codec doesnt work, plus you never know what you might need in the future), most importanly ogm files, since thats what youre trying to play now..

go back into gspot, and see if the codecs are correct for the filetype, if youre getting any errors, find out what file caused the error, search for the file name on yahoo or something to find out what it is/does and see if there is an updated version that you can get... reply


Well, getting a new codecs pack seemed to do the trick. I guess I was just confused by WinAMP saying that it will play OGM files. I just assumed it had the latest codecs with it. *shrug*

Thanks for the help. reply


i also did the disable autoreboot

my error was SMSENS.SYS (well i think thats the error)

how do i know my manufacturer? or can i get links to updates i need.. reply


Check it in a search engine, it looks like the sound driver for soundmax 4.0

you probably need an audio driver update from your computer manufacturer, or if you built your system, your motherboard manufacturer reply



My problem isn’t the ogg or ogm files but...
when I play a song in Winamp, it restarts my computer. I disabled the auto-restart function but it doesn’t matter. When I play a song in Media Player, my system working normal. I have Soundmax too, but when I uninstalled its driver and put a SB PCI 128 audio card in my computer, Winamp still restarts.
System specs: Asus P5P800; Intel P4 3Ghz; 2*512Mb RAM, Win XP SP2.

Thanks for any idea. reply


did you get an error message, if so, search for the file that caused the error on a search engine

update that file, and see what happens

reinstall or install a different version of winamp and see if you still get the error...

most likely, winamp is looking for the wrong soundcard or the wrong drivers which is whats causing the crash reply


I didn’t get any error message. I try to play an mp3-file and the screen goes blank, after 5-10secs and the system starts booting up again. I tried Winamp 2.81 & 5.08 & Sonique 1.96, it was useless. The problem isn’t the Winamp, something global stuff but I don’t know what. Even so, the MediaPlayer can play my mp3s without restart. I can play a game without restart.
I changed my soundcard too, it isn’t solved the problem.
It’s very annoying... reply


Hey guy, I got the same problem too but with avi.divx files only and is annoying, i turned of the
autoreboot function but then the computer just freeze and I got no error message, so how can i know what kind of problem is it?, any advis, suggestion is appreciated. Thanks guy/girls. reply


I just downloaded the soundmax driver (Smwdm.sys), my question is how can I installed it? reply


Michael: I solved my problem. My power supply unit was a piece of shit. I bought a new Ultra-Power ALU ATX 420W PSU, now my computer working normally. reply


Michael: and you have to download the self-install version of Soundmax driver from your motherboard manufacturer’s site. It must be an .exe file, just simply run it... reply


Thanks Dark Archon for replying. Well I dont have a desktop but a presario laptop instead. I went to Hp website and download the 18 MB driver. I let you guy know of the outcome when I install it. reply


I have downloaded OGGDS0995.exe which installs the ogg, ogm codecs and I still can’t play the ogm files.

I downloaded GSpot. I got version 2.21 but I couldn’t install it, so I got v2.51, but it doesn’t support ogm files. I am assuming the person above used a different version to check his ogm files...

When I load up the ogm file in Windows media player it dosen’t crash or restart my computer. it just doesn’t do anything.

I have been looking on the net for the past week, and as far as I know all I need is the
OGGDS0995.exe codecs, and a directshow compatible player. I am assuming Windows Media player is directshow compatible since directshow is listed in the copyright bits in the lisence.

If anyone knows what I am doing wrong, has a suggestion or maybe even a convenient package containing everything I need that would be great.

Thanks in advance for any help provided.

If you email me please put “Ogg and Ogm files make my computer restart : Forum” in the subject field or I may delete the email. reply


(To Erdrick)
Avicodec is another tool that can detect ogm files' codecs. (http://avicodec.duby.info). You should also give media player classic a try for playing back ogm files. That won’t let you play all your media in a single player, but I’ve almost never had problems with mpc, so i like to recommend it. reply


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