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Hi antisoshal,

It’s nice to hear from people who know what they’re doing. :-) Many of the posts to this forum are made by people who haven’t read any of the history yet, so they don’t realize their questions have already been answered if they dig a little. Clearly your problem is different because you’re trying to convert VP62 instead of the older VP50 video.

I have not tried to do this conversion myself, but I have some ideas. First, I’m sorry you haven’t found a clean version of NSVdemux. Are you sure the antivirus program is giving the error correctly? I have had the experience many times of antivirus software giving false positives, especially with “hacker” tools. If AOL asked an anti-virus maker to add NSVdemux to its list of “trojans”, the anti-virus company might actually do it. I know this idea is far-fetched, but it’s a thought. I personally downloaded NSVdemux from www.scvi.net, and I have no reason to believe my copy is infected.

You say On2 has a playback-enabled DirectShow codec. This means any DirectShow player should be able to play the file, right? Can you play it with Windows Media Player? I suppose not since the VP62 video is encapsulated within the NSV container. If you cannot play the video with Windows Media Player, you will not be able to read it with ProCoder either (unless ProCoder has its own NSV decoder... highly unlikely).

I’m quite certain that to convert the NSV files to another format, you will need to take one of the following three approaches:

1.) Demux the NSV into VP62 video and AAC audio. This is probably the easiest and most elegant solution right now. NSVdemux works great for most files. The On2 decoder should be able to read the video stream once it is removed from the NSV container. AAC audio seems to be the most common format AOL is using, although I’ve seen a couple others. The audio codec doesn’t really matter because Winamp supports all the NSV audio codecs, and you can use Winamp’s built-in Diskwriter/MP3 Encoder to generate a WAV/MP3 file.

2.) Use an integrated conversion tool. As the NSV format grows in popularity, people will create more and more video tools that are NSV-aware. A tool to convert directly from NSV to AVI in one click is probably just around the corner, if not invented already. Keep your eyes open for the latest NSV tools... many other people are struggling with the same problem you are, and it’s only a matter of time before an easy-to-use converter comes out.

3.) Think outside the box and find your own solution! :-) For example, there may be a video player (such as VLC) that can play NSV videos and stream the output in real time to another video format (such as MPG). Maybe you can hack ProCoder to recognize NSV files. Be creative... there are usually multiple ways of accomplishing a goal.

Good luck,
Steve reply



Try this link:

The full resolution video (which crashes CoolBeans 1.0b and CoolBeans 1.1 on my computer) is:
http://nsv.stream.aol.com/uvox?cachefile=/aol/us/aolmusic/musicpartner/sony/c_c_music_factory__freedom_williams/CcMusicFactoryFreedo_GonnaMakeYouSweatEve_V02911ev0101_1_1_681.nsv reply


I’m not very family with Aol and Netscape videos, so I’m having difficulty finding the direct links to the .nsv files. What is the best packet sniffer or url sniffer for finding the direct links? Is there a guide on the side that explains how to use it? I tried a few and couldn’t figure out how to even start using it. Any links would be helpful.

I’ve also tested out a few links posted throughout this thread with Cool Beans and most are generating errors with the program just shutting down. I’ve managed to download a just the Harry Conick Jr. link that was posted. Is there a problem with the links or is Cool Beans not compatible with certain urls? reply


Hi Sniffing4aSniffer,

To get the URLs, some people like to use URL sniffers, but most people simply add “http://nsv.stream.aol.com/uvox?cachefile=" to the beginning of the link. The rest of the link can be found by searching the HTML source code for the code “FUGU”. Modify the link by selecting the bitrate you want.

For example, if the end of the link looks like this: ...superman;bitrates:700,460,320,120,28
You could fix it by doing this: ...superman_320.nsv

Try this file, which should work fine with any version of CoolBeans:

Oddly enough, the following link crashes CoolBeans 1.1, but works with CoolBeans 1.0b (on one computer that I tested):

Perhaps CoolBeans 1.1 has some bugs along with its new GUI. You might have better luck with CoolBeans 1.0b, the command line version:

Anyway, to answer your question... Yes, CoolBeans works with some URLs but not with others. I’m not sure exactly why, but it seems AOL may have modified the format of their newer videos. reply


This question is about audio not video, but I don’t know where else to ask it. Sorry if its OT.

Can someone please help me... I have an aol player in one of my tabs with a whole album on it. It’s been open since yesterday, before they took the links to it off their page. I can still listen to it but if I close my browser I’m scared I won’t be able to get it back. How do I download it to my hard drive? I’ve tried looking for the url with a packet sniffer. I’ve tried adding http://nsv.stream.aol.com/uvox?cachefile= to the begining of the “address” (/us/aolmusic/artists/wmg/various/harrypottergobletoffire/various_harrypottergobletoffire_lp)
with .nsv, .mp3, _dl.nsv, _dl.mp3 at the end but none of these have worked. Could someone please help me out?

Thanks, HP Fan reply


Here’s the url of the player its self. I can listen to it in both firefox and IE:

http://nsvapp-prod-rr.stream.aol.com/fugu?t=uni&tsize=alarge&nsvid=/aol/us/aolmusic/artists/wmg/various/harrypottergobletoffire/various_harrypottergobletoffire_lp;bitrates:64,16&s1=Patrick%20Doyle&s2=Harry%20Potter%20and%20the%20Goblet%20of%20Fire%20Soundtrack&s3=%27Harry%20Potter%20and%20the%20Goblet%20of%20Fire%27%20Soundtrack%20%28Full%20CD%29&live=0&angle=0&apos=0&ppos=0&poffset=0&event=&maxbps=0&skin=grey&width=320&height=77&aspect=4&video=false&showui=1&prefs=1&restartUrl=http%3A//mp.aol.com/audio.index.adp%3Fpmmsid%3D1417442%26referer%3Dhttp%253A//music.aol.com/artist/main.adp%253Ftab%253Dalbum%2526albumid%253D802181%26_AOLFORM%3Dw708.h344.p7.R37&pid=DL&brand=AOL&len=75&country=US&company=AOL&version=1.0&franchise=MUSIC%3A%20General&showads=0&locale=US&autoplay=true&gender=&age=&daypart=&dma=&genre=Music%20-%20Soundtracks&surfacePoint=us.aol&cpid=pmmsid%3A1417442&sync=1# reply


Nevermind I got it. I didn’t realize the file is supposed to end in .nsa reply


Admittedly, My first attempt at GUI programming was not great. Here is a revision to the command line version which should handle longer paths and file names better. Interesting that the C and C Music Factory video doesn’t download quite right. I’m gonna have to look into that.

http://rapidshare.de/files/6817450/CoolBeans_1.0c.zip.html reply


I don’t see NSV files for those C&C videos. I see that they are .WMV and they use RTSP for the transfer protocol. My program doesn’t do RTSP.

rtsp://wms.stream.aol.com/aol/us/aolmusic/musicpartner/sony/c_c_music_factory__freedom_williams/CcMusicFactoryFreedo_GonnaMakeYouSweatEve_V02911ev0101_1_1_700.wmv reply


I’m still trying to get the Harry Potter music to download. Can anyone give me some help? I can’t figure out the address. reply


I did it, finally. reply


In case anyoneone was wondering, here’s the address:
C:/coolbeans http://nsv.stream.aol.com/uvox?cachefile=/aol/us/aolmusic/artists/wmg/various/harrypottergobletoffire/various_harrypottergobletoffire_lp_01_64.nsa
Just replace the “01” withe 01,02,03,04, etc. reply


Does anyone have the address to cool beans? I looked thru the thread but didnt see it. Thanks. reply


Sorry found it. reply


AOL has a Windows Media server where they store all there windows media files. Why? I don’t know because they never play any files in Windows Media.

To get windows media files from a WinAmp file.


change http://nsv.stream.aol.com/uvox?cachefile= to rtsp://wms.stream.aol.com and replace .nsv with .wmv you should get rtsp://wms.stream.aol.com/aol/us/aolmusic/artists/bmg/kellyclarkson/kellyclarkson_becauseofyou_700.wmv

To get the WM Files from QT files


Replace http://progressive.stream.aol.com with rtsp://wms.stream.aol.com and replace _dl.mov with _bitrate.wmv. You should get


I think they just added the Windows Media server because files from 2004 arnt on it. reply


Hi Matt-Mateo,

Thanks for the Windows Media info. Could be very helpful for certain clips. This is the first time I’ve seen the actual link/instructions.

P.S. FrameServe, thanks for the updated CoolBeans version. reply


One more revision here.
http://rapidshare.de/files/7700275/CoolBeans_1.0d.zip.html reply


Can someone please assist me in finding out the url for the latest keith urban music on AOL ?

The concert is broken into two parts....the web address is


Finally, if time permits....can you please outline how you found the URL ? I have spent hours trying to figure this out. Used the URL sniffers etc, and no luck.

Andrew reply


Just me again, I am also after the URL for the
Kenny Chesney concert on AOL.

As you can see, I need to learn how to find the URL’s fast !.

Andrew reply


G’day from Melbourne andrewcronullasydney

I should first mention that I’m no computer guru...just a guy who has down a bit of research. I found out how to capture aol videos by reading this forum and the “p082 streambox” forum

To find the streambox forum just google “p082 streambox” which should bring results like 'the streaming media recording forum'.

To find url’s I use Project URL Snooper. Once in the streambox forum, do a search for “project url snooper”

Once you have Project URL Snooper up & running, you will need to learn how to change the urls so that you can download the streams using coolbeans.

My comments below are taken from some instructions I found on the streambox forum. To find it in its full detail, do a site search on “clarkson” & click on the first result. Any way I hope this helps you out...

Project URL Snooper will return a result like...




To obtain the NSV file...







with _700.nsv (or other bitrates 460,320,120,28)

Remove the rest and you should end up with...


You feed the above into coolbeans and away you go. reply


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