Movie Maker Problem! Please HELP!!!

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Hello! I have big problem. Sory, I don’t speak English well, but I will try to explain to you my problem. Well...
When first I opened MM it said that it needs some codecs. Okay, so I searched the interned, looked at forums, and I downloaded and installed “Theoretica Codecs Pack ;)". Something like that. Than it started working. But not for long. MM started to freezing and it was hanging. When I put some short video on a timeline it is okay. I play it it is still okay. Okay, than i put another video fragment next to it, I add some music and I play it. And here is the problem. This blue bar goes ahead but I see black screen. Sometimes when I hit 'play' i doesn’t even goes. But when I do a little change to a video, like cutting a little piece of it, and after that, hitting 'play' it works. When I want to replay it it doesn’t work. When I add let’s say blackout to a video, than it plays okay. When I want to replay it it goes the same thing.... To replay my clip I have to always do a little change to it :( Eventually it leads to error, and MM closes.
Sorry for the English but you know... And right now I complately don’t know what to do... -_- Please give me some advice!!! PLEASE HELP!!!! :( :( :(

PS. Sorry, I didn’t know where to put this topic, I think here is okay, Thanks! reply

My advice is give up the MM and get a video converter. Go to this site and choose dvd tools or video editor and download one.
Even with a video converter be sure you have a codec collection like All in One Pack, Xvid,DivX, XP pack and for sound AC 3 filter is a must. Some are on this site some go to this: Once you have the codec try to watch the avi with players like VLC or Media Classic from the same link. All are freeware and works better than Microsoft WMP or MM. If avi play ok go ahead and convert it in whatever you like dvd or cd. If not get tools like GSpot and Avicodec also freeware and open the avi with one of them to check the format and any missing codec. Good Luck reply


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