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what is kvcd? i have rundown in kvcd format and i want to watch it on my dvd player, now i read something about being able to put 360mins on one 80min cd is this possible and how ?

12-15-2003 01:15 PM

Yeah it’s possible, but that’s if you’ve encoded the file using a 360 min KVCD (Kwag Video Compact Disc) template and such. If the actual file you’ve got is not encoded this way, then you won’t be able to fit 360 min of video content onto a 700MB CDR.

Read more at the site – www.kvcd.org

I suggest just burning the file to CDR as it is. BTW, how big is the file? Is it under 800MB, or over that threshold?

Also – fitting 360 minutes onto CDR will mean that you’ll never have brilliant quality video. The quality will be below VHS quality.

Bear in mind that KVCD is non-standard. This means that not ALL DVD players can play the format. Check the KVCD site for more information about this. reply

12-18-2003 06:58 AM
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Oh it was 786mb

12-18-2003 12:26 PM
WTF not all kvcd is bad quality just look at dvd rips they are the best for kvcd and its still not that bad, i mean i’ve got last samurai on kvcd and its perfectly watchable

12-18-2003 04:41 PM
Yes, KVCD in essence is higher quality when compared to standard MPEG1 VCD content. That’s a given, BUT if you’re trying to fit 360 minutes of video content onto a 700MB CDR, this will result in *Bad Quality*, no matter what.You can fit about 120 minutes of *High Quality* non-standard MPEG1 content onto a single CDR, using a KVCD template and by adjusting the CQ using CalcuMatic and CQMatic, you can get even better results.Did you burn the KVCD content to a 700MB CDR, Neo? It will fit, as it is.

12-18-2003 05:07 PM
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I assume you’ve tried encoding to KVCD-MPEG1 before, Movieman? What are your results?The Last Samurai would be a TeleSync, and as such will always be – just watchable. I personally steer away from TeleSyncs encodes because as they’re camera rip sourced, they will always only be – just watchable.

12-18-2003 05:15 PM
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its ok, i burned rundown as non compliant vcd and it now plays fine in my dvd player i also have SWAT dvd rip kvcd which is awsome

12-21-2003 07:47 PM
No you can fit up to 838MBs onto KVCD using Nero Enterprise or Neo to a CD-R 700MB 80 min. How you say just setup Neo to overburn the CD-R to the max is 82.59.59 mins. Neo does the work, all you do is supply the MPEG file. Forget about AVI converting them to VCD/SVCD just get KVCD mpeg.It works most CD-R blank media rated at 1X to 48X which can burn up to 52X as well well beyond the 48X. I’ve tried and it works.KVCD and SKVCD is much better than VCD and SVCD formats for your home DVD Player but the question is that not all DVD Home Players can handle this type of format.

That’s why I say get a Mintek DVD 1600 Player.

Mintek is one step higher than the Apex which is also the lower end.

The company that makes the Mintek also makes Apex

1. Top of the line is not sold in the states
2. Mintek
3. Apex

If you want to burn anything on your PC then watch on it your home TV or DVD player get yourself the Mintek DVD 1600 or find Apex model.

Forget the other DVD players they just can’t keep up with KVCD format… reply

12-24-2003 11:13 AM
what do i need to allow tmpgenc to convert svcd to kvcd. also can’t find a guide anywhere reply

09-02-2004 06:32 AM
Can you play KVCD on your computer ? Which codecs do you need then ?? reply

10-28-2004 10:06 AM
i can any tell me how and the best way to burn a kvcd file onto disc i have wasted loadsa discs coz i dont know wot to do could some 1 help me please reply

11-02-2006 06:40 PM
Hello guys,I’m new to K(VCD). I got TMPGEnc and i got Kvcd Trmplate too. I Tried to encode a sample .Avi file uing these 3 Templates.1. KVCD-CQ-352×288-_PAL_-PLUS
2. KVCD-LBR-352×288-_PAL_-PLUS
3. KVCD-ULBR-352×288-_PAL_-PLUS

but i got same result (11.2MB .Mpeg file)

I feel I missed some setting or something wrong. If any guy know how to do this thing correctly, please be kind to teach me it. i have seen a 80min cd contain 2 full English movies. Quality littlebit low but how it done.

if any guy who kind to help me and i want to know how to burn 4-5 KDVD to single Blank DVD too. you can email me at suncomsl@yahoo.com.

Thank you…. reply

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