keep getting quicktime error -2048

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I own an Intel Mac and I have the exact same problem as artre. Can anyone help? reply


Is it possible to turn url into a movie file? If yeah can someone say how? reply


im trying to put some movies on my psp and both on my psp and on my computer it fails to play :( on my pc it ses error 2048 and on my psp it ses unsuppotred data ANY TIPS? PLEASE EMAIL ME reply


USE ITUNES. SIMPLE AS THAT. FOR BOTH MAC’s and PC’s. You are welcome. reply


hi i am finding a problem wid my system....when i try to open any file...even yahoo and hotmail messengers ...i find an error saying.....Error-2048:the file is not a movie file....can any one help me out please.u r going to be a great help...i f u let me solvr the problem.
zeba reply


my email id someone suggest me the solutio...i am receiving error-2048:the file is not a movie file...evn my messenger is not opening reply


everytime i try to open up .mov file it says Error -2048: Couldn’t read file as is not a file that QuickTime Understands.

I use a PC with windows XP. I ahve the latest quicktime installed...wat’s the problem? reply


I searched for ages to resolve error -2048 when trying to play a .mp4 file.

Found a post that suggested renaming the file to a .3gp

Worked for me. Give it a try reply


I need everyone’s Help I tried all the codec’s I could find but without any luck I get this file message warning.

Windows Media Player cannot play the file. The Player might not support the file type or might not support the codec that was used to compress the file. I have the most known codecs intalled I give up. Maybe 1 out of 4 files I download work. I usually download from ISO hunt any suggestions???? ASAP reply


I am using microsoft.

I have got a film in .mp4 and when i click it to open it i get the error..

Is there anyway to play them? I cant put them into itunes or play them on quick..


Matt :) reply


Okay, well When I try top watch a video on google vids, I get the huge blue Q(quicktime) and I wanna know how to fix it, please put it in words I, a thirteen year old can understand. Maybe a link? E-mail me at please. Thankz. reply


Having being frustrated and looking everywhere for almost 10 hours straight I had accumulated enough imformation on all 2048 error occurances I could write a book. So since it seems no one has written an affermative answer. I’ll post what worked after my research.

1st: I must thank all internet users out there because It wouldn’t have worked if not for them. They gave me hope!

To start:

Rename all your files that quicktime can’t read, to .wmv all occurances of the -2048 error come from codec misuse by the mis-naming of the 'quicktime' files.

Then download any transcodal translator. I used VLC Player, which can do pretty much anything.
VLC Site: -->

Once downloaded you’ll find it can play your 'broken files'.
Proceed to click on File-->Streaming/Exporting WIzard...

Go through: 'Transcode/Save to file'

Then: Select either select streaming file from location:
Select File from existing playlist. (Open(ed) files)

Last: Select how you want it TRUELY encoded as anything from mpeg4 video and audio to DivX to H. 264 to Theora REMEMBER: select the transcode buttons.

(Don’t forget bitrate has an extreme importance the more bits the higher quality but it comes at a price as the video becomes larger. It won’t be 100% quality, maybe 95% max; usually around 85 - 90% normal quality.)

Next: select your encapsulation method you want this to match your codec so please match them, it causes less problems.

Almost Done: Select a save location and wammo your done!

Finally: Click FINISH and it shows you all your work one last time before you complete the transcode.

Ta-Da Quicktime Video Problem Error -2048 SOLVED! reply


it didnt work for me reply


Does anyone have a solution yet? I have a XP computer and used to be able to open al my media files with quicktime. Recently i found out that a particular mpg file gives the 2048 error. The file playes fine in windows media player, but i dont want that. It is the only big file (248mb). all other files (including mpg files) work fine. Is it a problem or change in the later quicktime players? reply


look, i just want to know how to get around the frickin error 2048 in quicktime. i know vlc plays about everything, but when i play clips off the internet with quicktime, i can use quicktime pro to download the clip. i cant open it with vlc or anything else other than quicktime. when quicktime is first installed, i can play the clips, sometimes once or twice, sometimes for a few days. then out of nowhere, it stops playing them (even ones that would previously work) and give me erro 2048. if i uninstall quicktime completely, then install it again, it might work for a while longer, but its malfunctioning and error 2048 is inevitable. I WOULDNT USE QUICKTIME CUASE IT SUX IF I DIDNT HAVE TO! reply


I’m getting the same error after I tried to run the downloaded version of this video from YouTube on my Win XP PC.

If anything, I hope you laugh as hard as while watching it!

I even “Googled” mp4 and read the info from Quick Time then downloaded the free QT 7. reply


i made an audio recording with quicktime pro which i do on regular basis. the one that i did yesterday ( very important meeting was recorded) gives me the 2048 error. i cant for love of God make any of the above solutions work and i desperately need the file. it WAS created with the same quicktime i am trying to play it with. this is ridiculous that no one has a solution! is anyone from developement reading at all this problems we have??? reply


What are all the types of files that can be transferred to itunes and then to an ipod classic. So far i have only been using mp4, but i seem to get error 2048 alot. reply


Just go to this web site and download VLC player intall it and the problem is solve

No need to thank me guys......

if you have some technical problem just send me an email to this address reply



error 2048: couldn’t open the file {...}.wmv because it
is not a file that quicktime understands.

muy facil chavos,
1. desinstalen el quicktime.
2. ir a un archivo o video o peliculade wmv y click con
en boton derecho.
3. click en ''properties''.
4. y en general, en: abrir con: click en cambiar.
5. elegir en programa que desamos usar y click ok.
6. aplicamos y ok.

NOTA: despues volvemos a instalar el quicktime.

necesito saber que programa usan para el chat, ustedes
amigos norteamericanos, creo que no necesitan ningun
programa, o si?, he visto el programa de: ''makeover''
y usan el chat y se ve la pantalla completa, por favor
ayudenme, gracias amigos por su atencion y ayuda,

very easy boy’s.
1. they desinstalen the QuickTime.
2. to go to a file or video or peliculade wmv.
and click with in right button.
3. click in ''properties''.
4. and generally, in: abrir with: click in changing.
5. to choose in program that desamos to use and
click ok.

NOTE: later we return to install the QuickTime.
am so soory, for me bad translation, but, I do not speak
English, je’je’je.

I need to know that it programs use for chat, you
friendly NorthAmericans, I believe that they do not
need any program, or if? , I have seen the program of:
''makeover'' and they use chat and the complete
screen is seen, please ayudenme, friendly thanks for its
attention and helps, goodbye.

ATTE: yo ducksito.

. reply


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