I need help from you experts.

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Just so that I make it clear how much i DONT know, i just heard of H.264 yesterday :)

I have been researching things online and its becoming overwhelming. I’m just an average Joe.

Here is what I am doing.

I am starting a business that will...
Host 100 Security Cameras.
EACH camera will be viewable by ONE designated person. (so 100 people total)
This will be LIVE streaming.

That’s it.

Here is my issue....
As I’ve just learned, MPEG is not the most efficient way to steam videos, especially in my case where I would have 100 feeds going on at the same time.

Here is my research based on Bandwidth Calculator
The problem is that this link ONLY compares MPEG to H.264
If it also calculated VP9 or H.265 I would not be here lol

This were the results of my calculations using H.264 (ill skip the MPEG results since they don’t matter at this point.
These results are for: 1 Computer @ 12hrs per day.
Frame Rate per camera: 30fps
Hours Per day: 12hrs
Total Bandwith per camera:
-High Quality: 2.9Mbps (total estimated data for 12hrs = 15.6GB)
-Medium Quality: 1.4Mbps (total estimated data for 12hrs = 7.8GB)
-Low Quality: 720.00Kbps (total estimated data for 12hrs = 3.9GB)

So my question is, what is the ABSOLUTE BEST option for me?
The most important feature is stability over quality. But we REALLY need decent to good quality. Even 15frames per second will do, but I can easily divide results from 30fps by 2 so its not a big deal.
Is VP9 and H.265 the best options? If not, is there newer, faster, more efficient technology out there?

I can buy servers easily so I am not worried about the hardware since that is a 1 time purchase. Just stumped with the streaming problem... reply

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