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hi I have downloaded a couple of files it the past while that dont play correctly.

when I start the video the sound starts correctly but the video does not. If I advance the film i will get a still from the spot that I advanced to and the audio will progress from there. Howwever the video remains frozen at that spot.

I had only an xvid decoder, ffdshow, and ac3 codec installed. Since then I have downloaded a new xvid decoder with no success. G-Spot says that it has 2 compatible audio and video decoders and claims to be able to play the movie with no problems.

Anyone else run into this problem? Im sure there is something wrong with the file ... but it appears that all the video is there I just wonder how to get it to stream.

Its a rare older movie that I dont think ill be able to find again is the only reason I ask.

tnx reply

Feed the file into virtualdub and try playing it there. If the video plays ok, but it’s really slow-motion (of course at that point the sound will be slow-motion and inaudible too), that means your processor is underpowered. Windows Media Video 9, xvid, and DivX 5 are very processor-intensive codecs. Older processors (~300 MHz and less) will drop frames or play audio and video out of sync. reply


hi thanks for the reply. turns out that indeed I did have all the proper codecs but wmp9 just didnt like that file for some reason. I downloaded windows media player classic and it plays just fine. ty anyways :) reply


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