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I think it is a trap to log ip’s, they put up a wanted file then trap all the IP’s that go to it.

Then when the torrent sight submits the IP archive to the government we are all fucked..

Anyone else think like me?? reply


omg i feel like an ass right now
after downloading for about 3 days and got noting out of it reply


Well , me feelin like and ASS won’t condolence me any how .. i just downloaded like 10GB of movies and i have not tried even Single oNe separately ... and when i did . !!

you sure know what ///////


what is the difference between scam and real ... how can i know when i download a ticket ?! reply


Hahaha, I downloaded movie, played, and wrote that what you said : plz go to www. <...> .... .
Well i tried :D (lol) , download a file becouse in instruction said: download , setup and play video.
I pressed on setup and CHA CHING!!! you got TROJAN HORSE! ;D
Just idiots do that fakes..... reply


i got fucked too by those motherfuckers who made me wait for 2 hrs reply


so i downloaded a movie and when i went to see it it just said that i had to download the dvd decrypter to watch it. i did download it but nothing happened.how does that shit works anyway???? reply


What media player must I use reply


sir its giving loading error reply


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