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my compaq windows XP used to play DVDs all the time without a problem. Then the computer crashed and i had it fixed. but ever since then DVDs won’t play. windows media player won’t acknowledge it, divx says 'unkown exception caught', and real player usually says it needs to download software to work it, it tries to and then gives me an error message. however, recently real player’s been saying 'The DVD cannot be played. Key exchange for DVD copy protection failed.' compuse said they fixed the problem and gave it back to me but it’s still the same. can anyone help me? reply


you could try using Power Dvd . reply


Well,I had the same problem try sticking a music cd and then click my computer on start.Then click dvd see with it reads it.Check and see with the drive is spinning the disk or humming.Because I wants had the same problem before.With this dont’Are you running another program that might be using video overlay?
Only one instance of video overlay (in which streaming video is played over other graphics on your desktop) can be running at a time. Programs that use overlay include WebTV, Microsoft NetMeeting, and many video capture programs.

Close any other open programs to free resources on your computer, and then close and restart your DVD player.

To close and restart Windows Media Player

On the File menu, click Exit.
Click Start, point to All Programs, point to Accessories, point to Entertainment, and then click Windows Media Player.
On the Play menu, click DVD or CD Audio.
If you are using a DVD player program other than Windows Media Player, refer to the manufacturer’s documention for information on restarting the DVD player.

Can you play a DVD after you close other programs that use video overlay?

t work try going on help and see what you can do.Sometimes computers can have technical errors with reading the dvd such as having mpeg-1 or 2 on the settings turned off.The settings do make a diffrence. reply


Whoever said they fixed the problem obviously didn’t. Send it back and demand they fix it properly. The operating system may just need to be reinstalled.

I suppose you could try using VLC (www.videolan.org) to play DVD’s. reply



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