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Hi all.

Can anyone help me sort these problems please. I am trying to save old VHS home vids onto DVD and if possible to improve the recordings a bit, and cut out a lot of the rubbish that’s on some of them... Sounds easy huh? lmho...

I have the AverTV DVB-T TV card installed. I can record from my VHS player into my PC with no problems. But. Some of the home vids are too dark--too light--Bits of things where people have forgotten to turn the recorder off etc etc .. So I have to stop-start the recordings in order to change the contrast controls etc, but the TV card wont allow me to “pause” so I end up with lots of separate little recordings. (The recordings are in MPEG2 format)..

In order to edit the recordings I was advised to download-install “VirtualDub MPEG2” and that works ok except, having edited any of my short MPEG 2s I can only “save as” AVI or OLD AVI. The result is that the files are huge when saved in this way! And I still have no way of joining them together either. Erm and I haven’t even got around to trying to save to CD or DVD yet!

Cheers James. reply

You’re using more of an encoding prog than editing one. Try Adobe Premiere, Vegas or Ulead Media Studio, all these are floating around the net for free. Also if you got WinXp theres also Moviemaker.
As for file sizes they end up inevitably big when capturing to your pc, after is when you encode to a format of your choice to reduce the size. Editing and encoding is a lengthy process, were not talking about a couple of hours here! reply


Hi Vol Kane.. Thanks for your help. :)

Hmm interesting nick name, sounds like a car?? :)

I have win xp pro so I will experiment with its movie prog, thanks for the help. I have had my TV card for 6 months or more so I already know how very time consuming video stuff can be!! lol..

Re size, changing from MPEG2 to AVI via Autodub magnifies the file size by a HUGE amount.. E.G. c2 file was 13,270KB movie file mpeg, edited a small bit out and saved to AVI (only choice available) it became.. 340,836KB Video clip!!!!! But play time was, as expected, slightly less!!! lol.. reply


If ur really interested in editing and not just what to do about things you can teith off the net, try this board.;f=10 reply

Feedback could try WinProducer(available on Kazaa)does all the transitions you could want :)) reply


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