Computer freezes on playing video files

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Whenever trying to play avi files my computer freezes and I need to reboot. I checked the files with GSpot and it reports that all the necessary files are available. I’ve tried to use media player and also BSPlayer but get the same result. Can anyone help me solve this problem?


Shim reply

This is weird but it has worked for me!

Move all your video files from NTFS to a FAT 32.

It’s seems that Windows XP read ahead on NTFS partition an in my case, cause the computer to
reset Xp had access to LENGTH info.

Hope it helps! let me know! reply


I was having the same problem, I tried fixing codec, but it turn out to be NVIDIA’s latest video graphic driver v.56.72 for FX 5200 . My problem was fixed by using previouly working v52.16.
If your box was working before and this just happened, try to recall what was the progrems, drivers recently installed.

I decided to post this reply since I believe other FX 5200 owners might have the same porblem with new faulty version. This problem costed me 4 days worth of inconvenience. I am planing to report this problem to NVIDIA site.
I hope my post helpful. Bomyo.òó.



I’m using a radeon 9200 video card. Don’t know much about computers and how shit works but I’ve been having a problem with video playback. No matter what file i’m playing my computer will freeze. There is no specific pattern, sometimes it works fine sometimes not. I’ve tried playing back with different players and the problem still exists. HELP!!!!!!!!! reply


First reinstall DirectX and after that a new driver from your manufacturer site in this case nVidia or ATI. If no luck download a registry cleaner and use it. If no luck again can be a codec problem so download the Sherlock the codec detective and find out. Also can be a MPEG Decoder and this is a part of some softwares like Power DVD or some codec pack.A decent codec collection is All in One pack,DivX, Xvid, and XP codec pack and AC3 filter for sound. Stay away from mega packs is too much stuff on them. VLC is a good player so use it. reply


Make sure have the newest version about divx or xvid codec.And I think the k-lite codec is not a bad choice. reply

I just purchased a Gainward Bliss 7800gs+ 512mb GL AGP and whenever i try to watch a video file my computer freezes.
i have tried 3 different drivers along with with the latest directx 9.0c. Still freezes. When i check out on wat bus its on, its says PCI slot 1 or something. Maybe i have to go into my bios and change the bus... to agp? need help.
I run it on a Asus P4C 800 deluxe motherboard.
and power supply is 400watts. reply


This is a tip from nVidia: Driver Installation Hints

* “Download Accelerator” utilities should be disabled when downloading any drivers.

* Do not run virus protection software in the background while installing the drivers. This prevents the driver from configuring itself properly.

* Before installing new drivers make sure you uninstall all NVIDIA display drivers from the Windows Control Panel. Browse to the Start Menu > Windows Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs and search for “NVIDIA Windows Display Drivers” or “NVIDIA Display Drivers” and select remove. reply


Hey, I’ve been having this problem as well for a couple of weeks now. I know its not my 9200 graphics card, or my ram or my motherboard. tried rolling back drivers, doing a clean install of media player and vlc, nothing seems to work, even changed the latency on the pci settings but nothing has had an effect. sometimes it will all run fine for hours, other times 10secs and it freezes up. no reports in eventlog. I havent changed the setup in months and its all been working peachy up until about 2 weeks ago. if anyone has managed to figure out whats causing this for us all I would love to hear it.

Cheers reply


It could be that there is a temperature issue in your casing. CPU or graphicscard or even the chipset cooling might be failing. Or if the weather is suddenly a lot hotter than ususal. Check your temperatures reply


xkjkjk kjkjkj kjk reply


My computer started freezing on vids after I installed microsoft updates so I remooved the last upgrades by clicking start, search view updates, click view installed updates then deleted the previous updates by checking the date the update was installed reply


GuestMy computer started freezing on vids after I installed microsoft updates so I remooved the last upgrades by clicking start, search view updates, click view installed updates then deleted the previous updates by checking the date the update was installed

After that it workedbar reply


I dont get mine..

Its been doing it for a while now..

Whenever i plug my sd card in with videos i cant transfer it as it crashes... Or some videos in my pictures will cause that to crash so i have to close it, most of my folder are on my desktop to prevent my pictures etc from crashing.. No im no computer genius.. But man this is soooo frustrating..

Anyone out there help?? reply


i had the same problem some videos would crash my comp when hardware acceleration was full. i tried reinstalling many different video driver nothing helped and finally i downloaded vlc player and everything works perfect full acceleration. reply


Yes i have the same damn problem.. however mine is unique.. because its doing it on BOTH windows Vista AND WinXP which made me believe it was a hardware problem.

(separate partitions/Hard-drives as well)

I thought my Video card was dieing or something but i can play games just fine. However I CANNOT for the life of me watch a ANY movie file in full-screen mode with out it FREEZING my comp.. total system lockup cant do anything but restart.

I have all the latest drivers for every piece of my hardware installed properly (IE Remove drivers in the Add/Remove Boot to safe mode Run DCC Reboot. I’ll post back here if I can get it to stop freezing while watching videos. Gonna reinstall Nvidia drivers 1 more fricken time. reply


My computer freezing when i turn on Winamp.. i have also and transparent skin for winamp, and when i trying to turn on.. after 2 seconds, my computer start freeze, my mouse cursor freeze, like and keyboard.. I try update video card driver to newest version.. restarting bios settings to default, cleaning computer from dust, checking all connectors, running mem test 86, instaling new softwares, all.. need help please.. reply


I have a new computer and rightnow I am using my old one because I need to get a new video card for the new one. ON the New Machine for some reason when I try to play a video it plays the sound but there is no video in the screen. I took it to a friend to check out and we could not figure out why it was doing that. I even downloading some specific software for it but it didn’t make any difference. It seems to be a hardware problem and I am hoping that once I get a new video card I hope it solves the problem. My question is before considering buying a new video card what do I need to also consider and diagnosing the problem? reply


Seems just like the problems I’ve been having since a MS Windows XP update that came in the first week of august (2010). I’ve found no solution with shuffling drivers or system cleaning. I believe this is a bug that creates some type of loop in the video hardware which instantly overheat the video card. Looking around on web help forums, many users are experiencing Video and 3D crashes beginning in early August. reply


I have a problem not exactly like that but a little different:
When I play video files or even a movie it would work fine. but when it comes to any web player e.g facebook and youtube on starting of the video my system freezes like totally!! I have an ATI Radeon HD 4350 graphics card and i have directx 9.0c and catalyst 10.9 installed. I’m not willing to change my video card so i will deeply appreciate if some tech-guru can help me solve this problem.. reply


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