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My favorite movie information site is I use it a lot to find movie information, and to see movie trailers. I was able to view the trailer videos fine until I installed a codec pack. When I realized that the videos would not play, I uninstalled the codec pack. Still no videos, so I did a system restore to a point before I installed the codec pack. Still no videos on IMDB. Videos play on all other sites that I have tried except IMDB. Anyone have any clues?

Jack reply

I can second this with exactly the same problem. I did not installed any codec, and have have the same problems on two different machines. PC with winXP and HTPC where win7 is installed. Adobe Flash was updated to the latest and all other sites like yotube, facebook and other with videos are playing OK. There is the same problem in IE and in Firefox, i tried also in opera and it was the same problem. No ad block utility is used.

Here is my config:
Intel E8500
ATI HD4870 Catalyst 10.7 (latest)
Terratec Cinergy TV Tuner
HD 2x 1Tb Western Digital
Soundblaster Live Platinum

AMD Athlon II 240e
ATI HD5750 with Catalysts 10.7 drivers (latest)
ASUS Xonar STX soundcard
Terratec Cinergy TV Tuner

Can you please also post your config so that we can compare if maybe hardware is problem as in software I can suspect only ATI drivers that are the same among these two configutaions and TV Tuner that is used in both of them.

thanks, best, D. reply


Try making sure your flash players are up to date and also try downloading and installing the combined community codec pack. reply

Its all about getting yourself updated.So just keep your eye on the updates & configuration doesn’t matter much if the software are updated.

Watch South Park Online reply

Problem persists even though:

- Adobe Flashplayer is the latest version
- K-lite codec pack is the latest version
- All updates from Microsoft are the latest version
- All the drivers for graphic card are the latest version
- Firefox is the latest version

I’m using only Micorsoft Security Essential Antivirus and no regular windows firewall and I do not use ad-block utilities.

It does not play in any of the browser I installed (firefox, IE, opera) so it is not browser related but somehow driver or codec related I suspect. Which one I’m puzzled here. I have also a laptop which I do not update regularly with the drivers, but here there is no problem with Imdb trailers.

I searched an internet but I saw some of these similar cases but no concrete solution only new install what is practically not possible for me.

best, d. reply


So good new I found a cure for it :).

After extensive surfing on lots of forums I found this thread here on Adobe Forum and I remembered that I edited recently HOSTS file that can be found in C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc . I edited it coz I did not wanted to see advertisement banners in Winamp application. Among other sites there was also a line: which was the reason why IMDB trailers did not start so I removed this line from HOSTS file and left other intact and now everything is OK. Trailers are working perfectly again with the Adobe Flash Player in all browsers as before. Hope someone will find it helpful.

best, d. reply


Remove this line from your hosts file and you can play all the movies you want sans problem. #[MVPS.Criteria] reply


My hosts file does not have this line.
My Flash player is the latest. I can see videos on all other sites except IMDB.
Any new / alternative solutions?
Thanks! reply


After a couple of hours of dealing with this problem (the IMDB one) I have narrowed it to an anti-virus related issue. I use Kaspersky Internet Security 2011. Long story short, here’s the fix:

1) Open KIS 2011.
2) Go to the Settings tab located in the upper right.
3) In the “Protection Center” tab click on the “Anti-Banner” sub-menu.
4) Make sure “Use the list of allowed URLs” is checked.
5) Open the “Settings” menu under the previously mentioned option.
6) Click “Add”.
7) Type "**" without the quotes.
8) Hit OK and close the menu.

The problem should be solved now. For other anti-virus or ad blocking software, the main idea is to add to your exclusions regarding ad blocking.

PS: AdBlock Plus, the Firefox plugin, has nothing to do with this issue so just leave it alone. reply


The first thing you should try after installing the latest flash player is to right click the empty black screen and choose update. Usally fix it. reply


thanks gopo
i was having the same prob
sorted now thanks to u ;) reply


thanks for the adclick tip. Solved it for me. reply


Mayuri wrote:
My hosts file does not have this line.
My Flash player is the latest. I can see videos on all other sites except IMDB.
Any new / alternative solutions?

Thanks a lot dude,,,it worked :) reply


I had the same problem - disabling the firefox plugin Adblock Plus fixed it for me.



Just read somewhere else that IMDB may block trailers for anyone outside the us. Not sure if its true or not, Just thought it might help.


good solution , fixed .... reply


I found mine were being blocked by the addon Ghostery web bug blocking.

I have disabled it to watch video, but can’t find a way to allow IMDB and continue blocking other sites. reply


correction, by clicking whitelist domain it stops protecting on IMDB only. reply


Thanks jools, worked for me too. Ghostery was the culprit.
Everything else above didn’t do anything. reply


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