Cant open video files on computer


For some reason, my computer has stopped playing video files. I try and open DVD’s, downloaded video files and other movies but the computer freezes. The worst thing is that even the video files that useto work, dont work anymore. I’ve tried playing the video files on RealPlayer, Windows Media Player and Divx Player, but it doesnt make any difference. When i try to open the video, it seems as though it is loading but it then suddenly freezes and the whole computer crashes.

Is there any video card i may need to check or update. Any help would be appreciated as im completely stuck...thanks reply

Got the same problem - hope soembody can help. I just don’t understand why files that used to play stop playing--it seems to hit files at random (same extension, same size, same age). reply


Thanks for reply. Atleast I know now that im not the only one to have this problem. I’ve tried updating the video drivers from the relevant websites but it doesnt make a difference. Audio files work fine, but its just the video files that have suddenly stopped working. If you do find a solution, please do let me know.

much appreciated
thanks reply


Try uninstalling your video card drivers,restart your pc then reistall the drivers for your board.Get the latest ones from the manufacture. reply


thanks for be honest, im nowhere near as technical as others when it comes to computers. how would i go about uninstalling the video drivers and then re-installing them back again? reply


i had same problem but i ran system restore and everything was alright after that reply


Hi guys and happy troubleshooting! If you use the WinXP learn to use system restore before you make more damage because you download or install something that conflict with the setting for your video card.So go start/all programs/accessories/system tools/system restore and click on it.Click on restore my computer to an earlier time and go next.In the lft side of the window is a calender and in the right side is listing what you have done in that day.Click backward on dates until you see a system check point.Pick one and go next and the computer is going to restore by itself to the configuration of that date.Remeber all installations done after that date is going to be deleted. If this is too scary for you we go with the plan B: click right on my computer and choose properties click on hardware and pick device manager.You are going to see a list of your computer components and click on the + in front of the display adapter and you are going to find out your video card ex: NVidia or Ati or whatever.If you click right on it you may uninstall it or just update the driver but in order to do that exit and now that you know the type of your video card go to the manufacturer site like or or just Google the name of the card and once you are on the site look for the latest driver and download it.Keep the file on desktop and be sure you download also the directX 9c from Microsoft.If you just want to update the driver install first DirectX and after that the new driver.If you want to make a bigger job uninstall the video card but when you restart the Windows you may have some problem with the display resolution because the video card is not there anymore so my advice is just update the directX and the driver .Good Luck. reply


appreciate your going to try and update the video card from the manufacturers website and if that dont work, ill just restore the systems settings to an earlier date.... reply


Dear Sir ,
I download movies from net but i am unable to open file. type of File showing 007 file. kindly suggest what i do. reply


i have the same problem... when i restoring i cannot open my mpg file??? reply


If those songs were downloaded unto your computer and somehow they got deleted, then we can do a system restore to try to retreive them back.

1st thing you want to check for is to see if they are in your Recycle Bin on your desktop.

If not you can do a system restore.

If they are saved online and not your computer, you will have to call up the company you bought them from.

How to do a system restore:

1.Left click on the 'Start' button
2. on 'Search Programs and Files' type in 'System restore'.
3.. Select 'System Restore'.
4. follow the steps and restore the computer to the time before the inncodent took place (preferably the day or 2 before)
5. Wait for the computer to restore and restart (this will happen by itself once you have followed the steps.
6. When the computer restarts to the log in screen, see if the problem is gone.

Read more:


my computer cannot epen my vidio reply



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