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can someone provide more info on this asfbin software?
I found one but i didnt see the bat file or maybe im just a spaz and dont know how to run it
i am having the same problem i have 1 hr files that wont play when i use wm encoder they become 15 min
thanks reply


Thank you sooooo much CB :D Your solution worked. Thank you, thank you, thank you :) reply


CB said:

“A follow up. I downloaded the Windows Media encoder and the WMCodecs, ran the Windows Media File Editor, opened the file and went to “Save As and Index”. It did not work at first with the error “Failed to Save File” - BUT - good news - when I played the file in the Windows Media File Editor for a few seconds (I couldn’t see it but that didn’t matter) and hit the Mark In button it set the recording start time just a few seconds after the start of the file."

I tried this with my file and it didn’t work. The Mark In button was grayed out.

So I downloaded the editor someone else recommended:
ASFTools at

Make Seekable didn’t work, so I tried Lost Chunks. It created a file with lch appended to the original file name. This new file still wouldn’t let me scroll the fast foward bar. So I reopened it in the Windows Media File Editor and started to play it. This time, the Mark In button was enabled, and I was able to click it a few seconds into the recording and then successfully save the file.

After that I could fast forward and reverse using the slider bar. I hope nobody else has to go through all of this but I thought I would post my extended fix just in case. reply


cheers cb! reply


this worked for me:

When playing WMV files, playback is jerky and/or I can’t move ahead in the timeline. How can I fix this?
Flip4Mac version introduced a change to the way it loads files. Rather than preloading, the file loads immediately, allowing you to play the video while it finishes loading in the background. This is a considerably slower load time than if it preloads, but allows you to watch the video without delay. This was done to eliminate conflicts with certain applications when encoding. However, for larger files and particularly HD files, it can cause stuttering playback and the inability to skip ahead in the timeline.

To change this option, do the following:

* Go to System Preferences > Flip4Mac WMV > Player and click the Advanced button
* Click the + button and add QuickTime to the list
* Reboot QuickTime for the changes to take effect reply


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Bk wrote:
wow, that idea by CB really worked..thanks man

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thank you jackasses
my 44 min file became a 17 min file
doesnt work
gonna have to wait an hour each time i wanna jack off reply


YOU ARE MY HERO !!!!!!!!! reply


I just solved this problem! uninstall VLC, reboot, and install an older version. I used 1.1.10 and its working great! reply


I just solved this problem. Uninstall VLC, reboot, and install an older version. I did 1.1.10 and it works great!!! reply


Let me tell you my opinion, using my poor English (not my native language). It is not a fact, just my suspicions i share with you.

Till now we all can pust FF in a a video, a DVD, or even in a play in our TV. This “weapon” is very useful when we have to face ads (commercials).

So some big companies try to cut this option for us. They push things for new codecs, new tricks, in order we all to necessarily see their commercials, even if we do not want to do so. No FF option, so we have to watch all.

They started with video players, monitoring the reactions of the market. Then they will go on DVD polayers, finally in TV....

True ? I do not know. But it does explain things, isn’t it ?



convert the file with prizm and it a few minutes. you have full rein of the new converted file


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