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Hey guys,

I could use a piece of advice and hopefully you’ll be able to help me. I’ll be more then gratefull believe me.
I have a problem with my CPU when I’m trying to play videos, movies, basically anything that implies image. Everything is blurry when I’m trying to see a movie. I’ve changed the video card (now I have a GeForce FX5700), resolution, players, codesc (now I have Divx 5.0.5) but it’s the same. Ive changed the settings from my display panel ... still the same. And this is since I’ve reinstalled windows. I’m using a ASUS mainboard K8N, GeForce FX5700, 512Mb DDR, AMD Sempron 2600+. Please if you can give me any kinds of ideas ... that’ll be great ! Thank you so much! reply


Check n see if any of ur media players have the right codecs. Here is the link.
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I did that but the program only “looks” at my DVD and CD drive and that’s it ... reply


I guess you download the latest DirectX first and after that you install a new driver for your card from nVidia.The link from above is for a codec pack like All in One and also some Xvid codecs.I wonder is any avi file playing on your computer? From the same link download VLC and BSplayer both very good players and use GSpot or Avicodec for analysing the avi file. Avicodec gives you some links to download codecs for audio( AC3 filter is a must) and video.Try this site for more downloads and FFDSHow MPEG4 is a start or just a MPEG2 decoder( included in any dvd player like Power DVD or WinDVD or just Google for). Good Luck: reply



just to say thankyou to marcus aurelius, i did as you said and got to watch my new dvd, cheers! reply

Hey! Thanks for the advice. I’ve tryed everything as you’ve said!But still no result. When I’m playing a video is like I’m having the Film Effect option from the codec turned on. But still it is turned off. I’ve downloaded the latest codecs, reinstalled my video driver...still nothing. I can play any type of videos but still the quality is very poor. I’ve tryed with 2 video cards. GForce 5700 and Radeon 9550. Still the same. It might be the BIOS ? SHould I updated it?OR what else can I do? Thanks in advance for your help! reply


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