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Does anyone know a way to change an avi file to a bin/cue file? Since they are much easier to burn on a CD than an avi file. Thanks for you help. reply

i would be interested to know of a quicker way......
but for the time being use this method of attack.

1.google AVI to MPG for a converter app.
2.use the application to convert ur
AVI ---- to-----> MPG format.

3.while ur waiting a year for the conversion to finish,
Search for VCDimagerGUI..........

i predict u would hav
*found the VCDimagerGUI application
*hav breakfast
*installed it
*figured u would hav 2 click VCD help
*test a small mpg sample
*hav dinner
*celebrate Christmas
before UR AVI --2-> MPG conversion finish.hehe

4.when alas ur conversion is completed u can use
Its straight forward and easy,
it asks u where ur mpg file is & then about 25sec after u press MAKE “BIN”
a BIN and CUE file is ready.

while it takes a lot of effort, i guess if ur doing alot of burning l8ter on, having ur video data as BIN&CUE would giv ur burning program 1 less task2do...(i wonder how much quicker???/



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