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This is very slick I converted all the vodei files i had maybe 150 movies and it worked great THAXS:) reply


Hi! I opened the VodeiSetup210 file with 7-zip but there is no Vodeimpavi.ax file. All I see is just .text, .data etc. files that look like txt-files.

What am I doing wrong? reply


Hi Peter

You are realy great. Thanks a ton for your efforts reply


well how the hell do I get the .ax file???? reply


Wow, I suck... thanks a bunch “Peter” if thats your real name... I owe you reply


Just a little update.

Someone sent me an e-mail telling me there was a stray key around (called “Key2”) not even the official Vodei-codec could decrypt...

Because I know how the encryption works I was able to reconstruct/reverse engineer that key, so now you will also be able to use those AVI’s, in case you will encounter them.
The latest keys are now available in my updated package at:
===> http://vodeicoder.videoripper.org

Another little addition to my program is that you can easilly import a *.vdk (vodei-key) file

NOTE: My program currently only is able to unwrap Vodei 2 encrypted files (the ones with a cinema with red chairs) and not the older Vodei 1 ones (typically with a blue screen and the text that “You’ll need the Vodei-codec”).

Since Vodei 1 encryption is much easier to hack than Vodei 2, it will be added as soon as I have my notes and codes back (the harddrive of my development machine broke down) :(


Peter. reply


thanks for a great program you are the MAN reply


VideoRipper wrote:
Okay... here it is!

I’ve made a more user-friendly (and working) version from the code by “vodei remover” above, with wich all can decrypt Vodei-encrypted content.

You can download it at: http://vodecoder.videoripper.org/vodecoder.zip

My thanks go out to “vodei remover” for making rhis all possible!



Thanks a million. Works like a charm reply



VideoRipper wrote:

There’s nothing weird in the program that could cause that...
Are you sure you downloaded it from my website?

I’ve used Delphi (a programming language) to create the program and
since a lot of viruses are also made with Delphi, some (cheaper/free) virus-scanners can report a false-positive.

I’ve also used UPX (an executable compressor) to make it smaller and some virus-scanners use that as an excuse to give you a false positive...

In any case: your AVI’s could never get deleted before the decryption is successful (and this is only done if you’ve set the “Delete source”-option, which is off by default) and a backup of the original Vodei-coded file is places in the same folder (if you’ve NOT set the “Delete source”-option).

Technically speaking: the original AVI-file is opened in “Read-only” mode while decoding and could never delete or harm the file if the program crashes and only deletes it IF you’ve set the “Delete source”-option AND the decrypting-process was successful.

BTW: I’ve only tested VoDecoder on XP, but it *should* work on Vista (and even Win98 if you have to), since I didn’t use weird code and followed the specific Microsoft rules of using paths (for instance: the copy of the key and your preferences are stored in “C:\Documents and settings\YOUR_NAME\Application Data\VideoRipper\VoDecoder\") and programming-rules.

The only thing I can think of, is that your virusscanner was still active at some point, saw the “Suspicious” (my) program read/write something to the harddrive and deleted everything, to be on “The safe-side”.

Or... you’re just pulling my leg here and work for (or are) that guy called Ron who invented this scam...

But I’ld like to think you just fit in the first category and actually are having problems with my program.



Works perfectly fine
So thankful to u.

Peter Thanks a million. reply


Ok, i have vodecoder open, i have extracted the key and opened the offending avi, how do i start the processing ? reply


Worked perfectly for me
THANKS!!!! reply


Thank you peter and thanks to the writer of the original source code. you guys are life-savers!

Keep up the good work, don’t let this be the last discovery. reply


Dear Peter,

The download at http://vodecoder.videoripper.org/vodecoder.zip works fine for the 2.0 vodei codec.
I could decode all my movies and can play them now in WMP without any problem.

Thanks 1000 times for this.!!! reply


everytime i try to download the files to unwrap or decode the vodei files my computer always trys to open the downloaded file with itunes. why is that? reply


Hello i used your program did everything u said , it said files decrypted , but when i click play , i still keep seeing the cinema with red chairs :( , i use win7 x86, Any help would be great, maybe im doing something wrong? reply


Thanks again to Peter (VideoRipper) and of course “vodei remover” for the solution.

However, Peter’s application can only decrypt files that show “version 2.X or newer” (Red chairs) files. Are you guys trying any solution to the files that show “You need VodeiMP to play this movie” (blue background)?

Peter mentioned that the other version should be easier to solve since it is older. If so, then please do provide the support in your next release.

Once again, MANY MANY THANKS to you guys the nice work and I praise the talent you showed. Keep it up.

vodeiHater reply


Thank you so much. I’ve waited years for this. Works beautifully. reply


Awesome!! Your software is just terrific. Many, many thanks. reply


it works ,i did all steps and worked only i tryed to play it on vlc and i couldnt but it play on windows media
great work long live the king maker reply


Hi Peter! Just wanted to say Thanks, i had alot of movies with that vodei crap iwe tryed to figure out how to use... And then i stumbled over this forum and there was the solution! ;)
So just wanted to say thanks for the great work you’we done :D

Anyways i dont know if it was just a random thing that happend, or if its a “bug” with your program. But when i added 2 movies from diffrent folders and decoded them 1 of them showed up as the Vodei AVI file and kept saying “you need vodei to play this”, tryed decoding it again and it was just the same... figured out though that the backup file, if i just renamed it to avi it was the decoded one :) reply


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