PCSX2...img? elf file? .iso?

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Shawnzy wrote:
ok to stay on topic!! the names Shawnzy and ill gladly help ya’ll out.

ok for the bios thats very easy, dont know why you guys are having a problem, but anyways, go to www.mininova.org and search for ps2 bios its just that easy, oh and btw u need a program called bittorent or something that is associated to it.

but yeah cant find any iso’s so cant help u out there, i only have one and cant find any others. *sighs*

Thank You Very much Shawnzy and Another Url is availble by ME :D :D :) reply


So now I have PCSX2 and proper bios ripped from Real playstation 2
(Bios Dumper--> http://www.pcsx2.net/downloads.php?p=tool it works smootly and from piratebay you can find allmoust any ps2 game (useally ISO file) then find an iso program use this brogram to game file (ISO) and copy the file called SLUSxx.xx the xs will be some numbers..change the .xx part to .elf and try that. after this you should have no proplems finding games or playing them... reply


You dont need to convert the file from .img to .elf, but you do need a to have a complete .img file of the game you are trying to use. Nero works great for creating a good img file if you are just trying to run your ps2 games. But for the most part, most people wont upload those img files because of the fact that if caught, its 10 years and up to 100,000$ fine from the game manufacturer. Best thing to do is search ALL the iso sites. By the way, ISO’s can be run on the psx2 emulator, you just have to change your file view settings. HOpe this helps a lot of you. Also, if anyone can find a better CD drive emulator other than PEOP’s, let me know, cause the fastest PEOP’s will run for me is 4x, which means less than 20fps off the system and its annoying. cause it lags like crazy. reply

can magic iso make a file a elf file? reply


if u are looking at bios any ver, rom1, rom2, erom, etc. <a href : “>click here</a> reply


Hi every Body,

I have set my bios settings and renamed the file to SLES_533.elf but can not run the game when I open this emf file there appears a black screen and then nothing happens. Please help me at yruborn@gmail.com

Reply would be appreciated

Everyone can get help from http://www.pcsx2.net/guide.php# reply


Just to clarify I realise this is a older post a .iso and .img are lets say digital copies of the game dvd music cd whatever it is you are copying. .elf is what the ps2 uses instead of a exe file .elf is a .exe for the ps2. To play the games you either have to download a ps2 game in .iso format or image format or copy or rip your own ps2 game that you own into a .iso or.img using a dvd burner and software. The process is easier than you guys think cheers. reply


If you badly want a .elf file that will do nothing for you put your ps2 game into a dvd reader or burner in your pc go to my computer and open the dvd so you can see the files look for one called SLUS something it may be different they are different for different world regions usa and canada is SLUS i believe SLES is europe. so example slus.4757
copy and paste that to your desktop rename it slus.4757.elf
But it will do nothing the ps2 emulators ability to play elf files is so homebrew programmers can test their software on it. The .elf file you are all trying to get to work is a major waste of time it will not run the game with out rest of the games files reply


iancanares wrote:
hi there..i have trouble looking for pcsx2 bios.could any1 tell me where to get those? and could any1 tell me where to get a software that converts (*.ios) files to (*.elf)..please guys help me out..

PM me at: iancanares09@yahoo.com

Ty in advance guys.

ya buddy even i am facing the same problem reply




any one please help me out. i ripped my BIOS from my real playstation 2. i got a ps2 cd and run cd from pcsx2 program and nothing happens, then few seconds later it says “error,
microsoft says to report and 2 buttons below: 1 send report,
other says dont send report. reply


KenjiAkira wrote:
i almost get this thing running...
but theres 1 more problem >.<...
i cant find any rom2 on the net...
so if any1 got the rom2... please do mail it to me ^^... ur help will be really appreciated :D

my e-mail = alexjorgensson@gmail.com

See this one:http://www.seedpeer.com/share/441326.html
It’s a torrent so u have to use utorrent or something. reply


those of you that need bios, email me at blargiefarg@gmail.com

...and... people, don’t be jerks to those of us who need help reply


for those who have problem in converting *.ios to *.elf, you don’t need to have any software for converting just simply rename it together the extension file from .xx to .elf file and that’s all.. reply


hi!, paoline from philippines if you need to have .elf or .img or watsoever like a rom or ISO, try to download it in www.romulation.net then change the .xx to .elf just simply rename it together the extension file (e.g. FFIX-SLUSXXx.xx) change it to (FFIX.elf)..or i you want to find it quickly u need to have a micro torrent and search it to the listed site in the combo box at the top-right corner. reply



Lisen My freind is Awall < Away from his computer when he shouldent be XD )

Stuff you may wont to know:
anywho Lisen I have Shadow of Memories ISO files... or so it seid They are BWI,BWT,BWS,BWA X.x Lisen Usly im good with Scripting LSL and stuff BUT for the life of me i suck at seting up and runing EMUs My freind know’s them pritty well and seeing this post is somewhat new. Hopefuly someone can help me

Questen : How can i convert the BW ect.. Files into ELF or what ever into a playable formate.

Please Help This game has bin in the back of my head for year’s I thought at frist it was named CLock tower .. not sure why AND I REALLLY wont to play it. I would buy it but.. i hate Ebay and i cant find it anywear. Pleaseeeee help !!! reply


Anybody know how to changa an iso into an elf file :P reply


Okay, I got the elf file here, but I’m having a bit of a problem with the pcsx2 emulator. For some reason, when I load up the elf, the game doesn’t start; the screen just stays black. Then when I try to close it, the output window closes, but the console stays open, even if i use the task manager to shut it down. I want to play Disgaea 2 on this emulator, but it says it’s missing rom1 and rom2, even though i have the complete iso. I`m a noob at this stuff, and I`ve tried looking around for tutorials on how to play isos in the pcsx2, but all I know is how to set up the .elf file to run it. I don`t know what files I am missing or what I am doing wrong. I know this is an old thread, but if someone could help I would greatly appreciate it. reply


oh, me so sorry, i has der some porblem wiff my Microsoft PleyStasion Too emulater. can soame1 holp me4 pl0x? ¿ reply


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