PCSX2...img? elf file? .iso?

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hello there i’m paolaine 21 female from philippines thank you very much for that BIOS.

i’ve download Pcsx2 emulator and it is so very hard to run unlike other emulator SEGA, N64, MAME etc.

how will it works?

do i need cd?

i now understand about those bios i have download in you. i have already extracted it in my bios folder of Pcx2.

but what about those elf file? .iso? .img? .Z? and etc.

are those games to be loaded in oreder to play the game just like roms in other emulator?

where can i get those?

if ever, how can i make those thing in order to use Pcsx2?

pls kindly help me..TNX A LOT. reply

well i also got this problem which is same as you but idone some research but i’m not sure if it s true they say that you have to download the game file and you must have somesort of software to turn it into an image file in order to load it but i’m NOT SURE IF ITS TRUE for those that who noes plz help us thx in advance... reply


Try MagicISO to convert/burn/create iso files reply

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why the fuck do guests revive topics, dont they see the date up top? reply

to who really hav the ps2 bios,please i really need one.please send it to zoofatherlee@yahoo.com.my
thank you. reply

hi there..i have trouble looking for pcsx2 bios.could any1 tell me where to get those? and could any1 tell me where to get a software that converts (*.ios) files to (*.elf)..please guys help me out..

PM me at: iancanares09@yahoo.com

Ty in advance guys. reply


hi iam jai iam just started to use PS2 games on PC but the great tragedy i forgot about the bios its asking now then i visited this site i saw there are lot of ppl who is also like me so i request the dudes and babes who have the bios share it send it with others and make everyone happy by playing PS2 on PC ok
send ur feedbacks and the bios at this

Email: jai_moracco@yahoo.co.in reply


First..how the hell do u use the program?? do i have to convert the .iso file to .elf?? or something like that??
if some1 reply and help me..ill try to ul a bios. reply


Skull_Kid wrote:
why the fuck do guests revive topics, dont they see the date up top?



do any body have the following

1. to convert ps2 games in the format of .elf to play in ps2 emulator
2. having software of making elf files vceversa

if u have pls send an attachment to my mail

mail to me:- (chowdarysantosh@yahoo.co.in)

pls i am in grtt neeed mannnn reply


could any one help me about ps2 bios. please, please attach ps2 bios to my email... :)
somrachvan@yahoo.com reply


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Hi Everybody,

I can see that people are having problems to find the bios for PCSX2 just like me. I would be very grateful if somebody could help me out as well with the bios i just need that to run the emulator (I hope so).

Kind please mail me on pprince2006@gmail.com. I’ve google many sites but my search were in vain. Please help me out.\

Many Thanks,
Romeo reply


i almost get this thing running...
but theres 1 more problem >.<...
i cant find any rom2 on the net...
so if any1 got the rom2... please do mail it to me ^^... ur help will be really appreciated :D

my e-mail = alexjorgensson@gmail.com reply

open ur iso in an iso program and copy the file called SLUSxx.xx the x’s will be some numbers..change the .xx part to .elf and try that..i tried to make these instructions really simple for the retards that posted on this topic reply


i have downloaded ps2 emulator from http://dragonballarena.gamesurf.it/english/media/giochi/ps2.php this link and downloaded dragonballz budokai2 iso from a torrent site. can anybody tell how can i paly this darn thing. reply


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People who write this kind of thing are the scum of the earth.

If you won’t contribute at all to this thread don’t bother to post.

Besides, who are YOU to tell other people to have a life when you obviously don’t have one yourself?

Or is it that your life is sitting on a chair in front of a monitor and calling people fuckers?

If so, good luck with that, not envious at all.

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ok to stay on topic!! the names Shawnzy and ill gladly help ya’ll out.

ok for the bios thats very easy, dont know why you guys are having a problem, but anyways, go to www.mininova.org and search for ps2 bios its just that easy, oh and btw u need a program called bittorent or something that is associated to it.

but yeah cant find any iso’s so cant help u out there, i only have one and cant find any others. *sighs* reply


Hey Every Body I Have Found a Site for Bios(s) and Plugins The Link of this site is:


and then choose you PS Device or Nintendo Device from the above of the site

Then Come Down and Choose at the left your Type Of Emulator
a new page will open choose bios or plugins reply


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