.mpg files won't play on Quicktime or Real Player on my Mac iBook

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I recently bought an iBook and downloaded the three main players (Quicktime, RealPlayer, and Window Media) but I sitll have files that won’t play in any of them even though they worked perfectly on my pc with the same players. The ones I have problems with are .mpg

All my .mpeg files work so why aren’t the .mpg ones?

Thanks for any help. reply

well first of all, lets try to help you, w/ out sounding snotty...

you need to determine wether your mpg file is mpg 1 or mpg 2

once you know that ( open the file in QT, then even if you cannot see the video, hit Command+i (get info) and it will tell you info about the file... under the Format section: video info, such as mpeg 1 or 2, audio, etc... so then you’ll know what your dealing w/... ( mpeg 1 for VCD, etc... mpeg 2 for DVD )...

1-your Mac came w/ Quicktime... that’s for sure, so any download might have been an update to QT
-to play some mpg files ( mpg 2 ) you need the mpg 2 codec form apple ... you can buy it for 19.99 if your into exporting them from QT Pro
also, get QT 7 and then also get the latest updates to it through Software Update ( 7.0.3 ?)

2- to play ANY media on your Mac (Linux or even Wintel) use VLC
( VideoLanClient ) from h**p://videolan.org ...
This is the best free/pay player out there... all codecs necessary for any video play are included/integrated into the software so you don’t have to go get a bunch of codecs for each media player... mpeg, xvid, divx, ogg. etc...

w/ VLC you can watch anything ! you can also export your movies to any file format/codec you want while watching your movies if you like...

so good luck.. reply


Thanks! Been very helpful!!! :-) reply


I have a regular CP and it wont play my video? I have quicktime player that wont play. It said something about a compressor.............what do i do? reply


go reply


Great!!!!!!! tried everything else out there and downloading VLC did it!!!! thanks! reply




why you don even know that? reply


thanks - i’m trying it now


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