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Okay...i really need help..I downloaded the movie white noise and it was when i extracted the files it turned into an IMG..this is a first for me..I’ve never done an’s reading 4GB...what can i do to convert or to be able to burn to DVD and it be read on my DVD player..and Happy Belated Easter!

Thank you reply

.IMG files are similar to .ISO files and can be burnt to their correct disk format by most burning software. MagicISO is one such program that will burn the image file It may be worth changing the renaming the extension to ISO and trying your existing burning software. I have read somewhere this works but have not tried it. reply


Hey thanks for the tip. I just confirmed that renaming a .img file to a .iso file worked for a dvd image for me when using Clone DVD2 :-) reply


I did change the img ext. to iso and burn the DVD. There is no problem playing on the computer but unfortunately it won’t play on my DVD (probably first generation). Any advise.
Thanks reply


I had an IMG file and my video system is NTSC.IMG file is coming from a PAL roots movie and the way I was playing with I ended up with a DVD in PAl system and my player was working only NTSC.Easy to find out the picture is black and white and rolling.A lot of burning software like Nero or Roxio and so on burn an image file img but if is a Pal movie or not you have to check.My file was for sure from a Pal movie and I used Magic Iso to convert from Img to Iso and with Iso is much easier to work.Opening the file you can extract only the MPEG and convert it in what system you want Pal/NTSC or SVCD/DVD format.Using WinISo or Ultra Iso did not help,Magic Iso was the only working one at that time, just a few months ago.For converting the avi file I use DivX to DVD or Cucusoft or TMPGenc Xpress or Plus.VSO DivX to DVD is the fastest converter I’ve try about 30 minutes for a dvd Cucusoft is more complex with an avi merger inside, TMPGenc is slower but the result is a better quality.More info at this site if you need it .Have fun. reply


it works change the name eg house.img to house.iso
burn with nero reply


well i need to know how change a wmv. to dvd format reply


I have the same issues with the downloaded files being in IMG format after extracted. I did try to simply rename the file by adding .iso at the end but it is still showing IMG in the file name. How do I remove that IMG format and change it to ISO. I check the file by right clicking and looking at properties and this is where I still see IMG within the file.

Thanks in advance. reply


a .img file can easily be burned to a dvd directly using DVDDECRYPTER

You can get it here:

If you want to check out the .img file BEFORE you burn make sure it works--- simply use Daemontools or Alcohol to mount the .img file onto a virtual drive (google: daemontools download)

Dvddecrypter and Daemontools are both free and should be on your computer if you do any movie manipulation whatsoever. reply


BTW, in order to load the .img file onto your virtual drive (either daemontools or Alcohol) you need to choose “all files' as the file type when browsing for the file, otherwise only the .iso, .cue, etc files will show.

When you “show all file types” then your .img file will show up.

I have never had a problem burning an .img file with dvddecrypter. Once it is installed you just click directly on the .img file and dvddecrypter will open and allow you to burn it. reply


In response to JustBrowing’s query ... i think this might be a fix to ur problem ...

Go to the folder you have the IMG file stored in ...

click on Tools > Folder Options > View, and uncheck the box saying 'Hide extensions for known file types'

In the folder again, it will now display the name of the image file + the .IMG extension, now you can change this to an ISO extension by just writing over the img extension ...

Hope that is the problem u may have been having! reply


Thank You “passerby”....

I did what you said and unchecked the box and can now see the .img file type after the files... I have now changed this to ISO and will burn to dvd and see if it works..

Thanks again to all who replied... Appreciate it greatly.

JB reply


I was able to change the extention manually from IMG to ISO but when I burned the ISO file to DVD and tried to play it, the DVD Player was unable to play it as the file must have been unrecognizable.

I will have to try the DVDDecrypter as per LPDad’s suggestion and give it another go. reply


Ok people here is the deal. When we release these movies it really does not matter if it is PAL or NTSC. Your DVD player in your home, not in your computer will have to be a newer bought player that supports various image regions. We live in region 1. And most old DVD players only play NTSC/region 1 movies. I just purchased a new DVD player for my home and have absolutely no problem watching any movie burnt to DVD including Divx. reply


how do you change the name to .iso?
just rename? reply


i would like to know 1. How to play the movie with the extension .IMG or if we download the movie from the internet and play with the MEDIA PLAYER, we need to enter our password and ID to play the song or whatever. Is there any crack or something we can do about the audio or video file, so we dont have to enter those passpord etc, because we keep have to pay for the same, especially for the videos. By the way the format is WMV, and it just play in MEDIA PLAYER since it is protected.

DO REPLY reply


yes. you simply rename your img file to iso. then simply burn with for example copytodvd.
Extremely easy... reply


The easies way to get a .img file to work is to mount it in DAEMON Tools (well u will not see IMG on the list but just pick All types *.*, then pick the file u need) and then pick windows Media player to open the file ....... it works like a charm...... You can find the program here
You mount .cue, .iso, cdi, .b5t, .ccd, .mds, .nrg, .pdi
This way u dont have to convert or burn anything.. reply



I got a problem with an .img file...I downloaded a movie with .img format and then converted it to .iso with magiciso. It plays great on my computer but it doesn’t plays on my DVD player at all...

Any suggestions? reply


U’ll have 2 convert it 1st. Use dvd shrink. reply


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