How to unrar multiple parts file

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I downloaded a 4 part game, each is 95 mb. but when i unrar them , they all the same ( a warning says that the files are the same) and asks me if i want to replaced them. and the file extentions are .bin and .cue,,but nothing else.
I appreciate the help before hand..

Thank you reply

If it’s one of those multi-part rar files (all have the same name, but different part numbers), WinRAR usually justs sees all of the parts and unrars them all at once.

Like if you have a single file that’s 300 MB and then it gets RARed into 30 parts, WinRAR looks at all the parts and unrars them and puts them back together as one huge file again. All you have to do is click on any one of the parts to unrar the whole. So clicking on another part would just unrar the same thing.

I hope that made some kind of sense. reply


yes, that is the theory, however does not work in some cases.
i have come onto the internet to find a solution to my parted files, however your simple explanation does not work. reply


oh the solution is to download 7zip
for any new people searching on this problem
get 7zip reply


Unrar All Parts reply


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