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Ok, I made a vid with a friend and i used my phone to record it and accidently deleted it from my Samsung G600 phone, =.=

and ive used about 10 programs to try recover it and some of them did recover the dleted video,but all the recovered files cant be played by quicktime and vlc doesnt recognize them
when i use quicktime to open it says:
Error -2048: Couldn’t open the file Video-0035.mp4 because it is not a file that QuickTime understands.

i tried using converters such as 3gp and imtoo mov but they both dont recognize the file and classify it as (Unknown)

anyone know what i can do to make it be able to make it into a playable video again?

friedrice (hope i posted in right part of forum) reply


try alshow i use all the time opens just about everything
remeber to install divx couse alshows own codec not great but passable but divx improve picture

also its free enjoy reply


thx for trying but alshow doesnt recognize the file either, can u give me link to try find the codec and might see if installing the divx alshow codec might help it

anyone else have any ideas? reply


The file header’s probably gone. See my post here:
I know less about MP4 files than I do about AVI’s though. I do believe the header is at the start of the file because I can preview incomplete MP4 file downloads with QuickTime. (The reason why I used to think it wasn’t was because I usually need the footer for MOV files, which MP4 files are derived from - but then again maybe the header can be anywhere in the file? MOOV atom or whatever it’s called).
The steps I outlined may or may not work. I’d suggest calling a data recovery company if the videos are really important. And no matter what you do, don’t overwrite the media.
gspot 2.70 would be able to analyze the file if it was recognized as an MP4. If not, you may have to artificially create an MP4 header like in my other posts (I really don’t know if it will work with MP4 files - because there may be restrictions that keep files of incorrect length from playing - plus I can’t think of a repair/parsing/analysis tool for MP4 files of the caliber of VirtualDub (which is for AVI’s). Just remember to use another cell phone or memory card or whatever to create sample videos lest you overwrite your deleted videos!
I strongly suggest asking the people at the forums, because they have a LOT of experience with MPEG-4. Perhaps one of the coding wizards could write up a program to salvage raw chunks of video straight from the media without any header data. reply



thx anonymous
but nothings working! ive tried ur method the one using MasterSplitter but nothing seems to work!, on gspot it doesnt seem to have a header!!! keeps saying Unknown

so annoying haha

anyone else? or is this problem not doable

oh and doom9 needs 5 days after registration till can post =( reply


Is the problem solved yet? I have exactly the same like you, fRiedriCe. reply


how did you recover the files?
ive deleted files and need themback.

xxx reply



Hi folks

Had a similar problem with my mpeg4 and jpeg files on my SD card giving error 2048 etc

It turned out that one file (I’d already copied!) gave a different error 2002 I think, something about Bad Public Movie Atom... Everything I recorded after that file was corrupt and still won’t open, BUT

I deleted that file and everything I record now seems ok...

Fingers crossed! reply


Does anyone able to play the recovered video from a cellphone memory card? I cant play the recovered video. please help... VLC, media player, quicktime, real player and video converters doesn’t work. reply


I got a same problem with ur guys... i deleted the mp4 file in my nokia 5800.... i have recovererd, but it ca’t play at all....

i think this is not a rare problem... but still waiting for some one who can helps. reply


Den wrote:
I got a same problem with ur guys... i deleted the mp4 file in my nokia 5800.... i have recovererd, but it ca’t play at all....

i think this is not a rare problem... but still waiting for some one who can helps.

hey Den how did u recover those videos??????/
which software did u use plz contact me reply


Hi there, came to notice your post on the corrupted mp4 video file. Would you please shed some light for my corrupted mp4 video file too? Just one file (13.3MB) which I took during my trip to Thailand from a mobile phone. I have tried all my best in searching up google for many solutions thus it didn’t help. I guess my best bet is to add the mp4 header which I have completely no idea where to copy and paste it into.
I hope you can help me or point me in the right direction on fixing this.

Million of thanks..... Appreciate your kind help.

Vincent reply


I had the same problem with a movie that I downloaded. Quicktime gave me the 2002 error, and other programs froze and were not able to play it.

I changed the extension of the file to .MKV and voilá ! (I’ve lost the first minutes of the movie, though).


Juan reply


I have the same problem becuase when i accidentally deleted my video from my vacation and when i recovered them they would not open it said file could not open. reply


Maybe you should take a try of this data recovery software tool, use the free tiral version first. It says it is able to recover video files including formats such as MP4, MOV, AVI etc deleted or lost.

Note: before they are recovered, never attempt to put more files to the device as overwritten data is unrecoverable. reply


hi der i deleted my mp4 files in mobile and i recovered it using 'recuva' sftwr now i ccant play the vidos bcuz dey r overwrutten can play those vdos if dey r overwritten pls helpme out those r very imp 2 me ........pls some one give me d solution reply


Hi, sandeepdeepu.

Your recovered MP4 video files maybe corrupted. Recuva can help recover files you deleted but the quality is not guaranteed. Find some more good recovery software from this site: digital camera recovery. And then take a try. Good luck. reply


MP4 files once get corrupted or damaged, it becomes inaccessible. Why don’t you try MP4 repair software. It is best utility to repair corrupted MP4 files easily. It uses advance technique to repair corrupted MP4 file and restore it in original format. reply


It seems to me that you should try to perform MP4 Recovery process by using a MP4 Recovery software. as far as my experience and knowledge is concern this is the only one way to get you mp4 video back. you must try it. i used this software before some days and i got my mp4 back reply


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