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Okay folks after stumbling on to this site and noticing a lack of knowledge on how to burn or run certain file types.

Firstly all and i mean all iso’s are less than 700mb! Thats why you will find several of them, rather than 1 for cd’s.
Though to confuse things there are of course dvd iso’s too...but these are not as common as standard iso’s yet.

ISO’s look bigger than they are because they actually contain the file structure, and the data tables that are required to burn the file.

ISO’s come at around 693mb or just under...but a pc will round it up to around 700mb...please also remember that the type of cd-r or cd rw matters too...some discs will allow you to have 700mb’s and some will even allow you to have slightly more 730mb’s with over burning.

I will outline below some things you need to know, and how to install some things.

Firstly I noticed that there are multiple questions about bin files and how to burn or run them etc.

Firstly a bin file will come with a cue sheet.
But what is a bin file i can hear some of you now.
A bin file is an image file that was created using nero.

The cue file is very it tells the program where to place and burn all those tracks and in the correct place.

Secondly I also noticed a question about Magic ISO, regarding how do i convert the image?

The answer is right there in fornt of you, all you need to do is select to will ask you where the original file is located, and then you must add a new name in the bottom input will then create the iso image...but be sure that you select the right location, or you will get the error it cant do it...remember you are creating the iso image.

The other stuff is straight forward...all those rar files r001 ect are all the data files...simply extract from the first rar file to the desktop do the same for the other rar files, then burn as usual.

Daemon tools if properly configured and the latest edition can actually use the bin files, by mounting them.

However the best program to do this is with Alcohol 120% it will allow you to simply mount bin and cue files with no problems.

The other types of file formats are nrg which is not that common, but are very similar to iso’s but again this is a nero could use magic iso to create an iso from it..but it will likely corrupt.

The CRC error check is actually Cyclical Redundancy Error.
It means there was an error in the file and it couldnt pass authentication other words the file was corrupted...due to the iso not having its protection removed. Activision usually use this type of copy protection using safe 3 protections.

You have to remove the safe 3 protection, then burn the iso via daemon tools for the best results. basically it all comes down to your CD burning medium...some cd burners can burn these image’s with no probs, however these are becoming rarer because the speed at which the cd’s are being protected is getting slower, while cd burners are getting faster.

One solution is to burn the iso’s at the very slowest speed burning will corrupt the copies you make.

For those reply


I am trying to watch a .rar file. which programs can be used to watch a .rar file. reply


Good for you if you try to watch a rar file and I think is going to pass sometime until you see something.Rar or Zip file are compressed in order to open it you have to decompress it.Use WinRar and extract the file and see what you get. reply


i d/led a movie into 54 parts..and when i extracted them, it said nothing was in any of do i burn the movie to a dvd reply



LOL labish!

anonymous12345... It’s difficult to know exactly what your problem is.
If, as I suspect, you downloaded the film, and it came as several files - *.r0, *.r1, *.r2 etc. OR *.000, *.001, *.002, etc. (or similar), then you need to download winRAR. Then, extract the files from .r0 or .000, and it will use the information from the other archives in building the extracted file. This is called a spanned archive. You may get a dialogue asking whether or not to use the other archives. If so, say Yes.

I’m slightly surprised you didn’t also get a .sfv file with the rest. If you did, download Daemon Tools ( and mount that. Equally, Alcohol 120% or Nero should be able to do it.

If that wasn’t what you downloaded, could you be a bit more specific? What exactly were the files called?

If all you need to know is how to burn the DVD from the files themselves, just download Nero or Alcohol 120%, which are both good burning software. Buy them if you’ve got the extra cash; neither of them is expensive. reply


After reading through 150 posts without finding the file types that are confusing me, I thought Johnny Bravo’s had the answer.

I know alot about PCs but nothing about this. I got a rar file of a video. The guy said it had four images for CDs in it. I extracted it with WinRar. I got what looked like four images. And a lot of other stuff.

cd1.000 few hundred megs: right size for an image
cd1.010 is 143K
cd1.020 is 145k
cd1.vc4 is 5k

and so on for cd2, cd3 and cd4 except that all of those have only cdX.010 and not .020 and their .vc4 files are 4k.

On top of this, there are four other files, cd1 through cd4 .VCX files, which are either 31k or 32k in size.

I tried to open them all (just in case) with WinRar, but it reports that they are not archive files. Nero does not seem to recognize any of them.

Does anyone know what they are and how (and what program to use) to process them for burning to CD?

Thanks and Happy Independence Day!

Anyone know what they are reply


So what exactly do I do with NERO to make a .bin and a .cue file into a CD? I’m new at this, this thread is actually the first I’ve ever read about bin and cue files, so I’m a complete newbie I guess... Anyway, I want to download Alcohol 120% 'cause it seems it’s designed to handle bin and cue files together to make CDs. I’ll go do that, but I still need a reply.

::confuselated:: reply



Replying to myself here...

I need to get a copy of Nero Burning ROM, because my Nero isn’t capable of burning “An image to disk”. Also, Alcohol 120% isn’t required if you’re just using Nero (which you probably have) anyway. reply


I can’t get Nero burning ROM without clearing out some of the other awesome Nero programs I have, Alcohol 120% just destroyed a CD-R for me, and stupid Daemon Tools or whatever doesn’t even load. Why doesn’t ANYTHING work for me!


(My e-mail address is in one of the other 2 posts if you want to send an e-mail directly to me) reply


ME AGAIN!!! (Who else?)

So I ditched the original CUE file, and I got a little bit further with Nero. (Yeah, apparently the CUE file was retarded and it was killing my burn.) Aaaanyway, I ran Nero again, except it did it’s stuff (irreversably altering yet ANOTHER CD) only to tell me, after it was all done, FAILED. Just freaking great.

Weeeellllllll I don’t know what’s up with this FREAKING MACHINE but It’s got me annoyed. reply


Yeah yeah, so I post a billion messages an hour, stop yelling.

I’m getting blank cd-s here. I don’t know why (seeing as it’s not the CUE file - thanks hellsbells1978 and his Cueator) and it’s probably not the BIN file, seeing as it’s 561000 kb in size... I don’t know, I’m just going to keep posting stuff like this until somebody answers. Completo! reply


Dear Rob,

It would be useful to know what kind of errors you’re getting when Nero fails to burn. Some info about your computer - Operating system, hard-drive capacity and free space, make of CD burner - etc. After I have some information to narrow down the options, I’ll be happy to reply :-P

All the best.

PS try buying your CDRs from eBay - you won’t worry so much about losing them ;) reply


I started another thread (somewhere) and I kinda gave up on using BIN and CUE files. I started using IsoBuster and just burning the files to CD. I know for a fact it works then. Now all I have to do is figure out why my game keeps asking me to insert the CD when I’m plaing the game from the Autorun. reply


Rob Sterkenburg,
confused here m8ey,
so you’ve burned the files to disk.
is there a setup.exe file on the disk
or just the game files.
all the games iv’e put on disk go thru the
installation process and have to be installed from the disk onto pc.
and then need a no-cd file to replace the
game.exe file.( game.exe = the exe file which starts game off)

spider reply


I have this torrent file.I have bittorrent installed but it still won’t play!It say something like it can’t support it.How do I play this? reply


i use bitlord to download i used vlc player to play files but 4 sum reason it slowed my comp right down i think it was conflicting with nero player could this happen reply


play torrent files using vlc player reply


here I found the answer on another forum:

They are Microsoft FoxPro files. Use a program called UltraISO Media, it will burn your Virtual CD images (.vc4) into working CD’s.

Once you’ve installed the program just goto Tools>Convert, select the .vc4 extension, locate file and convert to ISO. Then just burn the ISO to CD. reply


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